7 thoughts on “Ridge Springs, SC – 70 Degrees – Clear – Bell Peppers To Wisconsin and Chicago

    1. Funny, I was going to ask Mark for some “real” pics, of his waiting for loading, unloading, dispatching, jockeying that rig around, all the FUN stuff.
      Those idyllic scenes must make the misery more worth it.

      1. What is irrelevant about you sharing your day’s adventures?
        I, for one, enjoy your communications, whether they be written or visual.

        1. Well it isn’t Michelle Obama’s dick.
          Come on Mark, you’ve got the phone number. Thought you would have the courtesy to call if you had a problem with something I said.

          1. Always gave you the utmost respect, never wavered, never. Then you fk me on the air?

            Henry, its been real man..

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