Ron Paul and We the People will be Victorious in Iowa

Ron Paul immerged the clear winner of Fox’s GOP debate on Thursday night as the inadequacies of the other candidates became increasingly clear, as Dr. Paul’s platform for a return to the Constitution and an end to the tyranny has become a standard that leaves the other candidates in a position of joining in the popular Constitutional message or speaking in defiance of our founding document.

Rick Perry is and has been all along an embarrassment to the voters of Texas as their judgment came into question when the mildly retarded Perry took the national stage.

Michele Bachmann attacked Newt Gingrich, pointing out his felonious and treasonous past activities in so called public service.  However Michele has her own problems.  Aside from being a neo-con who is itching to take the US to war in Iran if elected, the old lady that lived in a shoe and her family took 260,000 taxpayer dollars in subsidies for the family farm in Wisconsin.

Rick Santorum is nothing more than a glorified car salesman who also would take us to war in Iran and see our personal liberties eroded even beyond what they are now.

Jon Huntsman is a two-bit elitist corporate manager who is itching to further spread the wars and see how many billions more of our resources can be stolen from we the people and whisked away from the US to his good friends in China.

Mitt Romney made his hundreds of millions acting as a shark in buying up businesses and either dismantling or downsizing them for increased corporate profit at the expense of US jobs.  Mitt is worth $264 million.  Considering the average man’s lifespan is 77 years, starting out with $264 million that would be $9,393 that could be spent per day.  There are millions in the United States today surviving on less than that for an entire year.  I’m sure Mitt has already put together a syndicate of friends and supporters who plan to double and triple their wealth through a Romney presidency.

And then you have Dr. Paul, who wants to reinstate the Republic under the Constitution, get rid of the monopoly money Ponzi scheme being run out of the Federal Reserve, stop the corporate elitist theft of the people’s wealth, stop the draconian police state, bring our troops back home from around the world, end the foreign wars, stop the giveaways through foreign aid, and bring the government back under the control of we the people.

Ron Paul was the only one on the stage at that debate who was not speaking in slogans and using buzz words.  This is why Dr. Paul is going to win in Iowa and establish the fact that we the people have had all we are going to take and that we will not be reduced to slaves in a third world hell hole.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.


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  1. We can safely predict a 10% margin of victory here in the corn and hog state.Mark my words.We’re showing up at the polls.

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