0 thoughts on “Ron Paul Highlights at the Fox News Iowa GOP Debate

  1. Michele Bachmann has made it clear she is hell bent on starting a war with Iran. The arrogance of people like her, believing it’s okay to go kill people because they may or may not do something bad proves that she is no better than any terrorist. Anyone who cannot clearly see that Ron Paul is the only logical and sensible candidate is a damn fool!

  2. No shit.She supports Israel more than many Israelis do.And isn’t it a wonder that while the U.S. population is 2% jewish,largely real jews,that the administration and federal reserve are inundated with Rothschild controlled zionist jews?I’m tired of being made a fool of by a handful of bankers who richly need to be brought to justice.This will happen when people become aware.If they do.Everyone seems afraid to throw that name out.RothschildsRothschildsRothschildsFuck you.Kill me.I fear neither life nor death while you fear both,chickenshit bastards.

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