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  1. Here’s how you know this guy is for real people. Just as much as what he says, listen for what he doesn’t say. He doesn’t come out and grandstand making empty promises to garner our support by wetting our appetites for free goodies that we know damn well will never come to be. Promises such as new hand out programs or soft goose down beds with surf & turf dinners served once a week to everyone so as to keep the sheeple pacified and dependent, which is what we have become No. He is telling us that we can have all that eventually and so much more if we put an end to the theft and manipulation and the corruptive sinister powers that keep us impoverished and dependent on every carrot that gets dangled on a stick before our hungry mouths. We can take back rightfully what is ours to begin with. We can by constitutional right of supreme law end the flow of these worthless debt notes that fund every little pet project these politicians want, every war they want to fight, every government or regim they want to prop up…… all that crapolla and we no longer will have to rely on UE or any of the other bull crap that has kept us under their thumb by what they see as controlled starvation. It won’t appear overnight but come on, we have to begin a process where we can once again have control over these matters as that was the way our founders intended it to be…….it worked then and it can again. We just have to want that, and support this man by taking the chance as our forefathers once did to stand for something other than the status quo of what has been financial oppression. Let’s get back to where we once belonged.

    1. Dave, very well put ! The whole problem is that I don’t think we’re going to make to the 2012 election. The globalists aren’t going to allow that election to happen, because they know that if Ron Paul gets elected, their party is over ! I don’t know if you watched that Alex Jones segment about Barry the Rat starting WWIII, but I believe it wholeheartedly. Barry and the globalists have no choice.They’re running out of time. Look at Barry’s track record on senseless military interventions since he’s been in office. The man that won the Nobel Peace Award. And they are accelerating at an ever increasing rate. We’re bombing the whole Goddamn Middle East ! Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, U.S. warships off the coast of Syria and in the Black Sea. Pakistan’s siding with China and Russia, and they are making threat toward us for our war mongering actions. The easiest way for the globalist elite to reduce the unwanted masses is an all out war, nukes included. And those bastards will survive. They’ve been digging shelters and well stocked bunkers for 30 years in preparation for their planned take over. End of days, my friends. It’s all in the bible. God help us all, brothers and sisters. And may the fucking globalist burn in Hell for eternity !

      1. C.K. – That very thought has crossed my mind more than once lately. I see all the fires being ignited around that region, and then I couple that with what has histroically happened before when economies falter by corruption and the banksters are at the heart of it all, and now with the injection of these outside forces picking a fight…….it’s just not good at all. All of these factors it seems, as well as others, are part of a perfect storm that’s brewing and as you say, it could be sooner than later that that storm unleashes its wrath upon the world. I did watch that segment of A. J. – I’m a frequent flyer on his channel, as well as G. Celente who has been speaking of this for some time now. God help us. I wish you well.

        1. Thank you, Dave. Same to you. I sure as Hell hope I’m wrong, but if we don’t get control of that ” dictator” President immediately, all bets are off !

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