0 thoughts on “Ron Paul CBS Debate Bias

  1. It’s becoming painfully obvious that the corporate elite are using Cain, Gingrich, and Perry as a way to distract the public from Ron Paul. Their plan is to nominate Romney after setting up the rest of their puppets to fail one by one, again in an attempt to keep the spotlight off Ron Paul. Well guess what? No sale! The American people are solidly behind Ron Paul. If they try to put Romney or any other puppet in the White House, all bets are off!

  2. I believe this is just the way cbs has of showing that Ron Paul can say more in 89 seconds than the rest of the pathetic field can say in 89 years.And didn’t he?I can only congratulate this anti-American zionist owned entity for their knowledge and wisdom.Thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing more attention to your beloved candidate’s campaign than you could have if you would have contributed a billion dollars to it.Ron Paul 2012.Thank you,cbs.I hope Fox will outdo you in the near future and I’m sure their think tank is burning the midnight oil trying to figure out how.Perhaps they’ll simply admit defeat and contribute the billion dollars in a feeeble attempt to match your patriotic efforts.

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