CBS GOP Debate Shows Desperation by the Elite

The GOP debate in South Carolina on Saturday evening was centered on US foreign policy and as Dr. Ron Paul is the only candidate advocating for an end to the foreign wars and the return of our troops from 139 countries around the world, he was practically removed from the proceedings.

The mainstream propagandists on both the phony left and the phony right are pronouncing Mitt Romney as the GOP candidate in 2012, though not a single primary has yet been held.  Well I guess that is their reality.  Unfortunately for them they only represent 20% of the population.

Many are outraged over the fact that Dr. Paul was limited to a mere 89 seconds of speaking time during the debate.  We have to realize that the more egregious the media exemptions become, the surer we can be that Dr. Paul’s popularity is growing exponentially.

All of the candidates during the debate, except Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman, placed their stamp of approval on torture and thus violations of international law.  Herman Cain parroted the party line response in labeling water boarding as enhanced interrogation.  And Michele Bachmann, you know the old lady that lives in a shoe and raised 35 children; well she thinks water boarding is just fine too.  But then why not?  It is to be expected from a country who gives preferred trade status to the People’s Republic of China.

Meanwhile, back on the communist front, Obama has taken a trip home to Indonesia.  He says he is on a mission to open up more free trade for South Korea, Indonesia, and nineteen other countries.  And you know what?  I believe him.

This is how this free trade works.  The international corporate elite, based in our country, freely take our natural resources to China, South Korea, Indonesia, and anywhere else they can procure slave labor.  And after the products are produced they are freely brought back into the United States through free trade zones, without taxation or tariff.  And then this junk is sold to those of us who still have a job, thus allowing us to participate further in the cutting of our own throats.

Have you noticed how Wall Street and the bankers are sucking up to our military?  Ben Bernanke went to visit our troops and some Wall Street CEOs have put together a program to bring 24 disabled veterans into the corporate elite every year.  Talk about the Running Man syndrome.

Do you think these corporate elitists might be starting to worry about their safety, considering the fact that they are surrounded by millions of angry Americans that they have dispossessed and continue to abuse?

Well here is message for Bernanke and company.  You can pat our soldiers on the back and tell them how you support them, but we are the ones that bounced them on our knees and nurtured them to adulthood.  You and the corporate elite are the ones who sent them to foreign countries where their body parts were blown off.  We are the ones that cried out in opposition.  You are the ones that have denied them benefits and are trying to steal their pensions while we are the ones who took care of them when government failed.

I don’t think a pat on the shoulder and a few words of encouragement is going to be enough to convince them to point their guns at us rather than you when the time comes.  And oh yes, it is coming, Ben.  I know you are scared and well you should be.  The people know your crimes and we will see you punished.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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