0 thoughts on “Ron Paul Speaks out about the Press

  1. What a speaker! No sound byte buzz phrases, no Hollywood grandstanding, no backstabbing derogatory comments and no lies!

    What is there to say but what a man! Wow! This man is the embodiment of hope for the survival of our nation. I truly pity anyone who doesn’t see that but I pity more those who do if he is deprived the Presidency that the people of America want him to have. May God watch over him. He is all we have between us and unspeakable disaster.

  2. Anyone who doesn’t openly agree with the absolute truth that Ron Paul so intelligently speaks is either against American freedom,completely ignorant,or just plain stupid.

  3. I have never seen anyone so truthful and honest run for office. This is indeed a special man running at a time our nation needs him more than ever. I support him and pray he wins. I still don’t know his views on the plight of us, the 99ers, has he ever spoke about the 99ers? I would love to know how he would tackle this crisis. I know under his leadership this never would have happened, however, has anyone heard anything about what he would do to help us immediately if elected?

  4. If they think they can ingnore Ron Paul, their F’ing crazy!! He’s our man, I can feel the momentum building for Ron Paul BIGTIME! They better not mess with our leader!!!

    1. Hi Ken,
      I agree, the numbers for Ron are growing, I truly believe HE WILL WIN, I have never felt this optimism since I voted for JFK(God bless that man). But, I’m asking, has Ron Paul ever stated any views on how he could help the plight of us 99ers? Isn’t this what the site is all about? Or has it changed in a way to educate the public on the issues at hand on a broader scope, which I think is fine however, I am still very concerned about the 99ers, will we ever get any help from anyone?

      1. help needed, I know it’s more than a year before the election, and you sound like you’re going through a rough time, like many of us, but I know that nothing will be done for us 99er’s with Barry the Rat in power, so my suggestion is hunker down, do the best you can, and when Dr. Paul wins the election there will be jobs for all of us again in this great country. I’m virtually homeless and my son finally had enough of my situation and went to live with his crazy-ass, neglectful mother, because she still has a job and a roof to put over his head. This separation hurt both of us, and he really didn’t want to, but I’m glad he did, for his own good. So the grief and pain is wide spread, but we have to wait. But let me finish by saying that if anything happens to that man, or there is a fraudulent election, and he loses, I’m saddlin’ up and goin’ to war ! Good luck, and God Bless the United States Of America !

  5. I think there are a million of us that can give a $ each, to buy Ron Paul an Armored Bus to help keep our leader safe while he campaigns throughout the country, since BO won’t be letting him use one of the ones that he just bought for his useless tours! He won’t have to steal it from us (although he would’nt) like the other so called leader we have, you know the guy without a birth certificate!! The corrupt had better not f*ck with our Man! I really appreciate Jon Stewart for his segment on the Corn Poll. He made the rest of the media and their choices for candidates look like the total fools they are. Awesome made my day.. have’nt had many good ones lately, Thanks Henry!

    1. Ken, That’s all great! but what about the 99ers? Can Ron help us now or even after his election? What are his plans for us, RIGHT NOW, Is he in our corner? When elected will he do anything to help us? I think we all want to know, we are hurting bad, if anyone has heard his views on this, please post, I am concerned, I have not heard anything.

      1. James, with all due respect, do you see any other candidate who you would even consider voting for ? I wouldn’t piss on the rest of them if they were on fire !! They are corporate owned, status quo, boot licking frauds. I agree with Henry’s opinion, that now is not the time for Dr. Paul to get in a pissing contest with these losers on this subject, due to to the fact that it might be counter productive. We need to be patient and get him in office first. And if you think that I’m not currently suffering, read my above reply to help needed. Good luck, brother.

  6. As a 99er who is struggling as well, having run out of unemployment July of 2010, reaIity tells me that there won’t be any help for us 99ers soon. I do trust Ron Paul to concern himself with the Unemployment situation. I think he is already bringing light to the Unemployed and the terrible situation our Nation is in economically. He is constantly talking on the topic of jobs being sent overseas and that it needs to stop, useless wars that are wasting billions of our taxpayer dollars and Goverment corruption as well as unecessary programs that do not actually benefit us. I believe he has many policies in mind that he would like to impliment immediately, if in office as President, that would stop the bleeding and turn our nations economic situation around 180 degrees. I trust Ron Paul to Restore our Great Nation if anyone can.. and bring it back to the people who built it strong!

      1. Another fine example of the corrupt media trying to distort that facts and attempting to brainwash the American people by saying that Ron Paul cannot be elected. Most people live their own little worlds and are oblivious to the dangers that are hanging over the entire country. I have no doubt that a revolution will break out if they put another presidential puppet in the White House.

    1. So exactly who do these dumb girls actually think themselves to be other than the ignorant,coddled little daddy’s girls they actually are? Who are they? What actually qualifies anything they have to say? Why aren’t these idiotic broads vetted per background before they are allowed on the air? Why is anyone even interested in their blathering? MOXNEWS? Who the hell is THAT”? Stupid, ignorant morons! Go home and clean the damn bathroom and make yourselves useful.

  7. Katherine Mangu -Ward is just another media liar! Reason TV has a website & You Tube Channel, also they are supposed to be Libertarian! Many have unsubscribed from Drew Carey’s news network and asked that KMW be fired after her comments on Ron Paul!

    1. Thanks, Ken. I’ll look into it. These are the kind of people who are going to enable the continued destruction of our country and I don’t think they are even intelligent enough to know that is what they’re doing.Sad.

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