US Streets Full of Formerly Middle Class

The world is now seeing the economic uncertainty of the U.S. but for many Americans, it has been apparent for quite some time. Economic despair has been spreading across our nation and it can be seen by the rising number of middle class Americans losing their homes. In some cases, joblessness and inability to pay rent has forced people to live in their cars, shelters, or on the sidewalk.


0 thoughts on “US Streets Full of Formerly Middle Class

  1. im one of these people and winter is around the corner whan are we going take back this country and fire congress nothing is happening it’s getting worse by the fuckin day cant even get a job in the supermarket it’s beyond me and here’sw that piece of shit obama taking trips everywhere on are taxes it cost us 3 million dollars everytime he fly’s somewhere im so sick of this circus were living in when is the revolution coming some one throw the first torch hey clark whats happening

    1. Hey, Brian. Nothing good. But I’m glad to see that you’re just as pissed off as I am. I’m ready to roll !

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