Ron Paul will End the Wars and Return Morality to the USA

Now that the long overdue acknowledgement of the death of Osama Bin Laden has finally occurred the citizens of the United States are asking the $2 trillion question.  Can we now bring our troops home?  Our country is in dire straits and cannot afford one more day of spending on foreign wars.  I have to believe that the people of the Middle East and North Africa will not be sad to see us go.  And our troops can certainly be kept active in securing our borders and expelling the illegal invasions coming from the south.

Of course the talking heads in the mainstream are pushing with all their might in trying to convince us that we must stay at war forever are we will never know peace.  This is an insane stance by any measure of reckoning.  Perpetual war for perpetual peace?  The American people are not buying this line and many, including myself, are fearing another false flag like 9/11 to be perpetrated by the CIA under the orders of the industrial war complex. 

We have reached a point in our nation’s history that the morality of our Christian nation stands in question.  The weight of the guilt for the atrocities that have been committed by the war criminals in our government in the name of the American people is weighing heavy on every moral citizen’s mind.

We have seen our so called political and spiritual leaders join as one, and as we know the tendencies of governments that become too powerful, the joining has to be considered a betrayal.  Governments are evil by nature, yet we see those claiming to represent our Christianity supporting their evil acts.  Just as surely as we must divorce ourselves from this illegitimate government, we must also divorce ourselves from this illegitimate and evil spiritual hierarchy.

These so called religious leaders have become as detrimental to the idea of God, as the priests of the Sanhedrin that sentenced Jesus Christ to the crucifixion.  They have indeed become spiritual elitists who worship nothing more than mammon.  If it is financially beneficial to them they care not how many of their fellow human beings, men, women, and children are tortured and murdered.

There is a revolution going on as we speak and a man has stepped forth who says he will not only lead us back to our Constitution, but also to our morality.  Presidential candidate Ron Paul will end the international butchery and torture being perpetrated in the names of the people of the United States.  He will bring the beast represented by the necessary evil of currency to bay and force it to serve the ideals of morality.

But we all must back him 100% and protect him as I believe the forces of the internationals will try to destroy him before he is able to deliver us from their evil.

God bless and protect Ron Paul.

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  1. I heard that…I been callin’ these fools a bunch of Pharisees for a LONG time. I got into Texas and saw how the poor are treated, and OH YEAH…they’re Pharisees alright.

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