99ers, Barbara Lee's and Bobby Scott's Press Release Concerning HR 589

Reps. Scott and Lee to Chairman Camp: Stop Penalizing Unemployed Workers, Work With Us to Extend Aid for the Long-term

“WASHINGTON, DC – Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA) and Representative Bobby Scott (D-VA) released the following statement today in reaction to legislation offered by Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) that would gut unemployment benefits for millions of displaced workers. Representatives Lee and Scott have requested that Chairman Camp support their bill, HR 589, to extend aid for unemployed workers who have exhausted their benefits. HR 589 currently has 80 co-sponsors in the House.

“‘Instead of acting on our bill to extend aid to unemployed workers who have exhausted their benefits, Ways and Means Committee Chairman Camp wants to gut unemployment benefits and deny millions of jobless workers the means to help make ends meet. As we face an unemployment rate of 9 percent nationwide, an unemployment rate for teenagers three times as high as the national average, and an economy where there are 4.4 unemployed workers for every available job opening, it is simply wrong to propose a bill that would further penalize unemployed workers across the country.'”

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  1. Camp must have just received a frontal lobotomy, what is this idiot talking about? Is he talking about gutting benefits that are currently in place?

      1. Who cares any more??? I spent a normal career life trying to make ends meet as a classically-trained musician, while covering the bases as a professional in the legal field. I have now sold everything of value, including musical instruments that helped put bread on the plate (not to mention some cultural value to me and thousands of people), and see losing everything. but you, and a lot like you, don’t care, so you can go to the devil.

    1. Mile I totally agree with you!
      The biggest problem I have with all politicians is that they can promise you anything to get elected, or stay elected. However after the election they have no contract to keep those promises and we have to wait until the next election to dump them.
      There should be some clause in an election contract that if you intentionally deviate from the stated platform you were elected on we can vote again in 6 months instead of being duped into another 2 to 4 years.
      These professional liars bait us with promises accept money + gifts from special interest groups or big money corporations then sell us out for their own interests.
      Is there any such thing as an honest politician? I don’t trust them any further than I can throw them. Actually they shouldn’t have to promise to do things to help us this should be their primary job from the beginning.
      For one politician to have to state exactly what he or she WILL do to help us, obviously means the others are doing what they can to NOT help us.

  2. Wait untill SCHOOL let’s the kids out for the summer, mom & dad have no jobs;what will washington say when kids can’t find a job and mom & dad can’t pay the rent, and the kids turn to dealing drugs to help mom and dad pay that rent to stay from being but out on the street???

  3. Dems and Reps make me sick!! I guess since they get paid and don’t have to worry about putting money on the table is okay. Since we are not the banking nor car industry we don’t bail out money!! What happened to all those billions of dollars practically given out? That money hasn’t been accounted for!! Dems and Reps don’t forget you are where you are because the American people and your sits will be taken away from you money sucking pigs!!

  4. Mark Schumacher
    Reps Scott and Lee have been talking about this HR 589 for a good while now. They even had a meeting with Boehner and Cantor last month in vain. Their pleads are not working, no one is listening. The pleads are falling on deaf ears, and this is becoming very old. In another month this year will be halfway over. Time is running out and I feel this is ridiculous. Don’t these Representatives understand ‘keep doing what you’re doing, keep getting what you’re getting’. Time for a brand new angle, strategy or whatever. We’ll all be dead before we get another extension from these bastards. Maybe a massive march on Washington, a major protest would help. We are just being swept under the rug by our government and we need to to something major to be heard.

    1. hopelessinnj-

      The Trenches World Report is doing all it can. We are getting nothing more than sore fingertips trying to give the public current and up to date information. We feel the frustration just as you. Thanks for stopping by daily to keep informed. Have a great day.

  5. Until some representative comes through with the funding or the votes, there should be a moratorium ( ban) on coverage of congressional press releases with regard to further extensions. These two con artists hinted that they had procured the necessary funding to support another extension the last time they put on this show. Where is it? Stop, please, and go back to Stabenow hell.

  6. President obama is loosing sleep over the plight of the illegal immigrants living off of our land, they need our nations support. Why is this man even talking about this B—S—!. There are American 99ers, millions of us, that should be on his mind. We are back to the phony 9% unemployment rate and NOTHING is being done to improve the JOBS outlook. WHERE IS THAT LASER BEAM FOCUS HE PROMISED. He’s all over the place, not at all focused on the economy. ALL TALK! Next week he’ll tell us that NASA has been receiving communications from outer space or hes found a way to harness electricity from lightning bolts! He goes on and on and on. JUST SHUT UP AND ADDRESS THE 99er ISSUE.

  7. When will Americans realize that we are all in this together. It’s a no brainer: take care of our citizens first. We are all over the world with a military budget that is much larger than all the military spending from all the other countries put together. Imperialism, oil, multinational corporations, and the military-industrial complex all set the American standard. What happened to the country my forefathers fought for in the Revolutionary War to create???
    Dismayed, discouraged, and hopeless are the key words today and hey, what about tomorrow???

    1. They need to watch the news of riots around the world that is our backyard people wake up because it is coming slowly but surly and then they will listen. God bless humanity where ever it is in struggle with the power structure. Amen.

  8. Where’s that laser beam focus he promised? That focus was to blow smoke up our ass. And tomorrow is only a day away to oust his lying sorry ass out of office. Peace and love!

  9. Let all the Mexicans and illegals in and pay for them. Screw the American people. Let Obama the phoney bastard . They are all phoney bastards. Hooray we got Bin Laden, that sure put a feast on my table and paid my rent. God bless America.

  10. Mark, I agree with you “The Trenches” is doing a HELL of a lot. Believe it or not, “The Trenches” has them tuning in to see what people think.

  11. I think my brother had it right by moving out of the country and getting a job in a much healthier economy, in a country that doesn’t have their “fingers” in other countries. I’m only 30 years old and getting an interview let alone a job is close to impossible out here (Los Angeles, CA)!! 4 people for every job opening seems a bit on the mild side, I’m thinking closer to 10+ people for every job opening. I’ve lost all “HOPE” in Obama. I can’t blame Obama for the current situation cause he came into office with the problems in place and only growing. He has given unemployment extensions and etc., but nothing of a real solution for JOBS! Giving big corps tax breaks and no real incentives for job creation in the US. HR 589 is a only a temporary solution for what is already a monstrous problem. Even if HR 589 were to pass, I doubt more jobs will be created within those 14 weeks that can actually make a difference. What happens after those 14 weeks run out? I truly believe outsourcing jobs is the main cause of our demise! Large corporations outsourcing jobs that can be done in the US, sent to India, Indonesia, China & etc. Big companies like IBM, AT&T & the likes, sending customer service jobs to third world countries for the bottom of the barrel labor wages so they can pay less and make more…then you got Obama giving them tax breaks on top of that?! Ridiculous!! Although MLK believed in peaceful methods of reaching a goal, I think in this day and age we have to “break a few eggs inorder to make an omelet”.

    1. Move out of the country, everything that you said is true, but you forgot insourcing as well…there are many companies that bring in workers on visas to take the few jobs that are left…and they get tax breaks to give the jobs to foreigners…this system is so broken I dont think I will see any change in my lifetime…I am almost 55 years old and I have never seen things this bad…and all Obama is worried about is the Amnesty but nothing for the 99ers….Shameful….In my area, you also need to be bilingual to get most positions…wth!!! Is it that way in LA? If I had the resources, I would move to another country tomarrow!! But it would never be to Mexico!!

  12. I worked for over 50 years, and paid my unemployment insurance premiums the whole time. So, will someone please explain to me: (a) How my collecting the benefits for which I paid makes me a bum or a deadbeat; and (b) why extending tax breaks for the very wealthy will somehow aid the economy, while extending my unemployement benefits (for which I’ve paid, remember!) will bankrupt the country.

    Leading economists have shown conclusively that, for each dollar in tax breaks that the ultra-wealthy receive only 32 CENTS is returned to the economy, while for each dollar spent on unemployment benefits $1.61 is returned to the economy. For a very clear but succinct explanation of this, please go to http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=128449659.

    The other thing I don’t understand is why Reps. Lee and Scott try to humor Reps. Boehner, Camp, Cantor, etc., instead of harping on the FACT that unemployment benefits STIMULATE the economy.

  13. To all unemployed 99ers!! Please make an effort to call Rep. Dave Camp. Phone# is 202-225-3561. His office is currently logging calls with respect to bill HR589. I spoke with a real person not an automated system and not a voice mail. The woman said she would pass along my message to Rep. Camp. It took less than two minutes. If every 99er calls, maybe we’ll be considered seriously. If nothing else, he will get annoyed. I hope that won’t be all that comes of this – we need to be recognized!!!

  14. More good new, huh? Things are so out of control. I wish it was election time, they are all going to go.

  15. Sad to say, but these two don’t have a plan to find redemption for the unemployed/99ers. Whatever help there was for us should have come and gone a long time ago. It seems their only intention is to keep us waiting in vain.

    Below is a video link of a person who was afflicted with “eyes wide open shut”. But who has finally re-adjusted his vision to see what truly lies before him. It’s an interview that Laura Ingraham had with Harry Alfred, Chairman, The National Black Chamber of Commerce, Washington, DC. He represents 1.9 million businessmen and entreprenuers in America. In the video he makes shocking comments about Obama and come 2012 he will ask 1-3 millions voters to cast their votes in another direction.

    You Tube video link: http://youtu.be/5JGHsDrSYgk


  17. That is a good way of putting Terry. And many will be wandering searching for a place to live. There is a land that is supposedly ours, but many will have no place to lay their head.

  18. Hey, I am just as pissed off as everyone else about our socio-path politicians, but let’s not shoot the messenger. We should be encouraging Lee and Scott. Why should they help us if we are always bad-mouthing them? I want to get on here and swear and stomp my feet, but I want these politicians to know that we are intelligent, politically savy, professional and skilled human beings that they are tromping all over. And because we are those things, they will NOT be coming back at the next election. They just don’t seem to get that which thoroughly shocks me, but they will get it next election.
    I am serious – if my kids didn’t live in the U.S. I would move to Uraguay, but I have to maintain hope and look at things in a more positive way. I still believe Obama is on our side. At least getting rid of Usama gives him more power to push his agenda.
    I understand we are at the end of our rope and venting can be good, but it can also really hurt people mentally. Don’t think I am any better off than anyone else – I’ve lost everything, too and the other night I had my breakdown (which I have about every other month) cried like a baby to my mom (I don’t even want to tell you how old I am). I’m frustrated, depressed, angry this was supposed to be my best money making years. I was going to work until 72, now I am counting the days until my 62nd birthday so I can get my social security.
    I just know I look for news everyday and when I get on here, my adrenaline starts to flood my system and I want to live to have my revenge. I want to show them they can’t keep us down we will rise again and that will be a day of their reckoning. More importantly, I DON’T WANT ANYONE ELSE KILLING THEMSELVES.
    So please put your energy towards taking care of yourself

    1. Laura,
      I don’t mean to be controversial, but I have forgotten more about political history, business, and politics than the majority of those serving in our government know. They treat me with contempt, thus being an American and believing in the American way, I treat them with contempt in kind. You see I don’t need to impress them, they need to impress me. I am the employer, they are the employees and at present they are a pack of back stabbing treasonous thieves, and I want to tell them so, so that there is no doubt as to why I am firing them. You see I want my next employee to fear me to the point that he or she conducts his or herself with such integrity that I may, one day, be able to respect one of them.
      As for Obama, I tell you, you seem like a nice person so I will ask you to go to our Red Pill Documentary page and watch “The Obama Deception” by Alex Jones before you judge us for judging him again.
      Let me be clear. This is a war that is going to turn into a dog fight. There are two sides to the fence, theirs and ours, and no one is going to be allowed the luxury of walking the fence. In short, it is us or them. I say it will be us, what do you say?

      1. If there is a war, I will be there. I like your perspective and respect your knowledge Henry, you know alot more about politics than I do. Actually, I really like your point of view. Makes perfect sense. My perspective comes from a business point of view where if you want something you have to kiss @$%% (which is why I am going the entrpreneurial route, I am not kissing anyone else’s _____!) and negotiation is key. It also comes from some day’s feeling like my emotions are just going to explode everywhere so I have to have hope or I’ll just lay down and not get up. (I will not let them drive me to suicide though – they would just think there’s one less to worry about)
        If I had the money for a plane ticket to D.C. I would be using a megaphone and gathering crowds everyday. (It’s not like I have a job to go to). Unfortunately, they know without money we can’t do that. I have put out tweets for people in my area to go with me locally, but to no avail.
        I promise you though, if there is a war, I’ll go by myself if I have to!
        Thank you for taking the time to reply, I appreciate your input.

    2. Laura:

      I don’t believe in Obama.LIESSSSSSSS! But I agree with everything else. I went down to Social Security and they have changed when you receive your check. They went from issuing checks from the 1st of the month to when your birthdate is.

  19. “The Strong will Survive, as for the rest of you, your demise is right on schedule”, -Charles Darwin

        1. Just sent an email to Henry that I hope he’ll FWD to you. The video clip pretty much explains it. :}

  20. You all don’t get it. They are not going to give the 99ers anything. They want us all to die because they bankrupted Social Security. I am a religious Prophet and judgment is upon them. It’s rape. Who retires on $14m000 a month retirement who is just an average worker — it’s a government employee. We’ve been screwed over. The signs are here. I would hate to be in their shoes when God destroys them for their evil ways. God is going to get them.

    1. My mother said years ago:

      The good Lord should just cover up the world, and start all over. Hopefully, the good Lord will start his journey in Washington.

  21. Thanks, Mark.
    Still on board and checking in, when I can. Got some catching up to do. Great work from all of you in “The Trenches.” Thank you! We must stay strong and keep up the fight.

  22. Hello Henry, I read all your blogs… “we are on the same side” 🙂

    Question? WHAT victory is this man talking about (video)? He says its just a matter of days??? does he know something we all don’t? Or is he talking metaphorical days? Would appreciate an answer.


  23. I don’t think he means it literally, but I don’t know for sure. Seems like it’s the case though.

  24. Congress is so far removed from the needs of the American People its unreal. Rep. Dave Camp is just another monster in a position of power. Its not enought that they want to ignore the unemployed , lie about the numbers , now they want to punish us like we’ve done something wrong.

  25. @ Kay: allrighty then, in a few days there will be world peace, would be nice… 🙂 maybe he knows something we don’t.


    PS: Hey Henry if you have people try to give answers here but don’t know math what
    should they do? LOL just messing with you…

    1. Henry’s on Oregon time. Plus, up with the rosters to get tomorrow’s stories in by 5:30 am (his time). He’s night, night. You’ll hear from him tomorrow. 🙂

  26. @want to have a life NO my friend, they are simply like the dog and the bone, they have everything and now they want your NOTHING. But just like the dog seeing the big juicy bone
    in the water (reflection) he wound up with nothing because he was greedy, and the SAME will fall upon these SCUM BAG republicans (the gay old party) LOL, because “we the people” are about to open a can of EVICTION WOOP ASS! its coming, we have our own King Georges in the 21st century and they are called Fake Tea Party Republicans!


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