Ron Paul Would Beat Obama: Why Romney Must Be Replaced If the GOP Hopes to Win in 2012

Policy Mic  Throughout the Republican primaries, the Mitt Romney campaign did a fairly decent job at keeping Romney above the fray. He made the occasional $10,000 bet on national television and agreed with Obama’s signing of the NDAA, but for the most part, he remained low key. It was his front-runner position to lose after all, right? Instead of critiquing the assumed front-runner, the mainstream media hyped up the  “anti-Mitt” candidate.

Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, and Rick Santorum — who claimed “Romney was the worst Republican in the country to put up against Barack Obama,”then later endorsed Romney — were all considered top contenders. Now that the spotlight is focused on the presumptive nominee, his flaws are all too apparent. Is Romney really the best choice for conservatives?

The most recent gaffe by the Romney campaign involved spokeswoman Andrea Saul, who made the mistake of a lifetime by touting Romneycare in response to the recent controversial attack ad from a pro-Obama super PAC. “Conservatives” are freaking out. Both Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter have condemned Saul’s impromptu response, even demanding the Romney campaign fire Saul. This just adds to Romney’s troubles. His 40% favorability mark for presumptive presidential nominees is the worst since 1948. Even the conservative group “Jews and Christians Together” released a memo advising delegates to abstain from voting for Romney on the crucial first ballot. Time is running short, and momentum is not in his favor. In order to defeat President Obama this November, the GOP must nominate the consistent conservative Ron Paul instead of the Goldman Sachs warmonger Mitt Romney.

Think about it. Does Mitt Romney have a base? And if he does, isn’t it mostly those “anyone but Obama” voters? Without the support of the Paul faithful, the already-weak Romney faces a difficult challenge against the campaigner-in-chief Barack Obama, who will have plenty of ammunition to use against Romney in the debates. With so little difference between Romney and Obama, its hard to imagine Romney being able to gain the upper hand against the incumbent. The GOP needs to make a decision fast: continue with a struggling Romney, or choose an idealogically consistent champion of liberty to defeat Obama.

As I mentioned in a previous article, Barack Obama’s promise of hope and change in 2008 did not deceive everyone. Even then Ron Paul asserted that Obama offered no change, and would only reinforce the status quo.

Dr. Paul would have an incredible advantage over President Obama in a debate. Obama’s continuation of the same failed Keynesian policies that more often than not benefit campaign contributors hasn’t revived the American economy. The wasteful spending overseas and the outright ignorance of the coming fiscal cliff, not to mention an impending dollar crisis, have put our country on a course to financial ruin. Doom and gloom, yes. But economic law cannot be repealed by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s magical printing press. Obama would be forced to defend his assault on civil liberties, his unconstitutional war on Libya, his defense of the banking establishment, his attacks on medicinal marijuana users and his overall involvement in the same type of crony capitalism that has resulted in a massive transfer of wealth to the politically connected.

Ron Paul has already won six states, and potentially more. This means he will be on the ballot at the Republican Convention later this month. If the GOP can be convinced to nominate Paul, he could go on to combine the full support of the GOP with those disallusioned Obama supporters and Independents, who are tired of the wars and the failing economy, and become the 45th president of the United States.

27 thoughts on “Ron Paul Would Beat Obama: Why Romney Must Be Replaced If the GOP Hopes to Win in 2012

  1. Ron Paul is just too honest a person just as the Constitution is too fair a document, the people somehow seem to want to be downtrodden. Sort of like a strict catholic, the more we suffer in silence the better our reward will be in heaven attitude.

    The only real hope is with young people, the guys and girls who in their thousands attended Ron Paul rallies, they do not have the christian zionist taboo, they are computer literate, they think conspiracy theorists are people who are naturally skeptical. The young have a positive energy and they are going to need lots of it.

    Ron Paul is the only person to beat the zionist system that controls the four branches of Government and get rid of the scum FED and the IRS due usury collection agency.

  2. This sounds like an Obama statement:

    “I believe in America, where millions of Americans believe in an America that’s the America millions of Americans believe in. That’s the America I love.” Mitt Romney

    And then there’s this statement:

    “Look, I was pro-choice. I am pro-life. I never said I was pro-choice, but my position was effectively pro-choice. I’ve changed my position.” Mitt Romney

    WHAT THE F**K IS THIS GUY SAYING!!!??? If you can understand it all, please explain these two quotes for me in plain English.

  3. Isn’t it f#@king obvious by now that the GOP isn’t trying to win this election? Romney is the designated loser like McCain in 08 and Kerry in 04. Our “elections” are decided long in advance. They just need a somewhat close race, and with these two turds that’s easy to get, and Diebold will do the rest.

    1. We don’t want decent people being driven away from the site because for some reason we have to type vulgarity. Show some class.

      1. Give me a f**king break. Anyone who is going to be “driven away” because they see the word “f**k” is a moron to begin with. It that classy enough now with the “**”?

        1. All it took for me is one tune up. I like this site and i am not going to jepardize my time here so I cleaned up my mouth. Maybe you should also do the same when told to do so, eh Large Scale Agressor. I saw some good comments from you also, but all the same ya know what I mean LSA. I used some nasty language also but there is no way that I will jepordize my time here. I deserved my tune – up and I think that I fixed my language – at least I hope so anyway.

          1. @ Henry: thankyou Henry! Well I think you all do a real bang-up job on this site! It is the only one I am on except for personal research.Yea, I dumped the other site I was mainly on. No offense to the other site I was one but this one is it for me! Thanks you guys!

        2. No, you give me a break. People start f#@king this and f#@king that and the site starts looking trashy. It belongs to all of us and reflects upon all of us.

        3. Give us all a break, “Large Scale Aggressor.”
          “Profanity shows a lack of Vocabulary.” Are you intelligent, or are YOU a “moron”(as large scale aggressors tend to be)?

  4. Don’t know what is scarier – Mitten’s idiotic gaffs? or the fact he has no clue they are gaffs?

    obamney are both pathological polytrickster liars totally disconnected from the reality in America today.

    Ron Paul 2012 !!!

  5. Dr. Paul was the ONLY candidate that didn’t go to the Wailing Wall, put on a beanie and pledge all to Natan Yahoo. It is not too late to do that now, it would be his only lie and might save our country.

    1. Desperate times call for desperate measures. It would be all right with me, so long as he gives us a wink and a nod as he turns to the camera.

  6. It is difficult to comprehend why any sane person would vote for a presidential candidate who accepts the fable of Joseph Smith digging up inscribed golden plates from a mountain in New York State. But then again, it’s just as hard to comprehend why any sane person would vote for a presidential candidate who accepts the fable that there’s any such thing as a virgin birth.

  7. @ Wallace B. Binhampton

    That is what makes Dr Paul a true statesman, he does not compromise.

    The Constitution is written to defend the God given rights of the people and Dr Paul has a very simple phrase ‘Lets Follow the Constitution’

    The stupid, the entitled to all wealth in their arrogance have spelled God backward and people especially the young are now realizing that their zionist controlled institutions are anti human kind.

    The fish is starting to rot at the head and people want to breath free again.

  8. I’m writing Ron Paul in, regardless of who is printed on the ticket. Some will say it is throwing away a vote. I am voting my conscience and refuse to vote for the so-called “lesser of the two evils.”

  9. Even if Mittens is nominated as the Republican candidate, I will still write in Ron Pauls name as my choice. Anyone who agrees with his message and philosophy should also. That will bring down Mitt and show those idiots who stole votes, scammed, and cheated at the state conventions that they still didn’t get away with it. It will also send a clear message to Obama that any more “fundamental transforming” will be met with a massive uprising from the people. If the US government does not have to follow the rule of law, then neither do we.

    1. Right !!
      If the only scholar and statesman – Dr. Ron Paul – is not the Republican nominee, I will do as I did in 2008 – write in the name, Ron Paul. He’s the only one who could possibly lead us out of the mess boosh & obummer have gotten us into.

  10. With the pro-globalist agenda of the current Republican party, there is clearly little differentiation between the left and the right. As such, preventing Ron Paul from being on the ticket will signal the end of the Republican party for at least a generation and the rise of a solid anti-globalist party that will finally give voice to those desiring a return to constitutional government. In fact, the RNCs’ undisguised attempts to rig the delagation process smacks of desperation and panic. It is easy to extrapolate that even the Republican leadership understands that the corruption-blown party is in its’ death throws. It’s time for a new party to emerge.

  11. I am a delegate to the RNC. The Republican GOP has shafted Ron Paul and will continue to do so. When I get to Tampa I will shaft the Republican GOP if any news media makes the mistake of shoving a mic in my face.
    I think that is fair enough. Make no mistake the Republicans are going to loose the general election. They can not treat RP and his supporters the way they do and expect to win. If they had treated RP fairly and he had lost then I would have backed Romney even though I can not stand the guy. But not now. Will never happen in my life time.

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