Ron Paul’s Forces Strike Back

Well it would seem those that make up the mainstream propaganda machine have seen the gleam of light from our pitchforks and smelled our burning torches.  Yesterday the matter of whether the media has been intentionally ignoring Ron Paul was front and center and in every quarter.  When we the people were asked, the answer was absolutely yes, which sent the talking heads scampering like rats on a sinking ship, putting forth brand new shiny experts to say Ron Paul cannot win the Republican nomination.

Well here is one for you.  He can’t lose without there being widespread voter fraud, which I truly believe will lead to violence in the streets.  I’ll tell what is probably going to happen here.  As the Republican Party Members decide who their candidate will be at their national convention through delegates, this is where the kabosh will be put on Ron Paul by the Republican Party.

You see the primaries wherein the peasants get to vote are just as meaningless as the national presidential vote.  In both cases, only the votes of the elites, who call themselves delegates, count.  In short, in the end the Republicrats and the Democans can always turn around and give us the finger and say, “You don’t elect the president, we do.”

There is just one little thing they are overlooking and that is that Independent and non-partisan voters now outnumber the Democans and Republicrats.  Quite frankly I am loving watching these bastards squirm.

Ron Paul is going to win the popular vote in the primaries.  After which the Republican Party will go against the popular vote.  When this happens, all the Independents who are backing Ron Paul, including those who put Obama in office, are going to see this as a direct challenge to the will of the people.  When this happens, Ron Paul will find no problem in financing an Independent run that is going to end in a landslide which spells disaster for both the phony left and phony right.

No one is listening to the propaganda.  I saw a FOX poll that supposedly questioned a thousand likely Republican voters and came up with Rick Perry in the lead with 29% and Ron Paul actually being beaten out by the undecided vote, 16% to 9%.  I laughed.  My first question was, is there still actually 1,000 morons left to make up a Republican base?

I’m telling you right now these people are desperate.  We the people backing our candidate Ron Paul are scaring the hell out of these elitist scum bags who have orchestrated every election since Kennedy’s assassination.  I think they are beginning to realize that money and lies are not going to take the day this time around.

I haven’t had it happen yet, but if anyone tries to tell me in person that Ron Paul cannot win this election, using nothing but words, I will reduce them to the pathetic whining worms they are.  It is said that a lie told over and over again eventually becomes the truth.  Again, not this time around.  For every time they tell their lie hundreds of millions across this country are screaming the truth over and over.

All I can say to the lapdogs of the international corporate mafia is you better have your bags packed and be ready to run come November 6, 2012.  Not that running is going to buy you anything more than a few days, weeks, or months of reprieve from our retribution.  We know what you have done to us.  Be advised, we are coming for you.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. In the long term a President Ron Paul would be the absolute best thing to happen in America for a long, long time. I pray it happens. However, does anyone know, has anyone heard him say how he would address the plight of the 99ers NOW, or after being elected? I don’t want to sound selfish but I need help and I need it now. If anyone has any news about this please post it.

    1. Help needed,

      My take on your question is this:

      We can be sure that if he is not elected there will soon be no point in discussing the issue at all since we will most assuredly shortly see the total destruction of America as we have known it.

      As far as his actual intentions are concerned on the issue of additional assistance for the disenfranchised unemployed I think it’s quite clear that his overall approach to things is rooted in the goal of restoring the domestic economy which would mean that instead of a short stay of execution we would see the opportunity to actually earn a living again. What a unique concept!

      It follows logically, if one believes this, that it is not prudent for him to address the point as part of his campaign providing ammunition for the opposition to stoke their cannons with.

      My point is that if the fire department comes to put out a house fire they will obviously notice any adjacent buildings that are also burning.

      Just vote Ron Paul.

  2. I believe that Ron Paul will address the issue of long term unemployment. He is the only politician that has admitted that the unemployment rate is downplayed and that a majority of unemployed Americans are not being counted, as they are no longer filing for unemployment insurance.

    1. DR,
      That’s great but we have been waiting for 3 years now for someone to TAKE A STAND in our favour. This is a major crisis taking place and no one has the balls to mention it. I believe that any and all presidential runners should be made to aqnswer the question. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TO HELP THE 99ers. And that includes OBama.

  3. HENRY,
    Do you have any thoughts on my recent comments or are they a tiny bit off your agenda?
    Nothing but Love my brother, but I have not heard Ron’s views on the subject and I really hope he has some and that we, the 99ers, will be comforted by them.
    I love this site!

    1. james byrnes/help needed,
      I’ll tell you exactly what Ron Paul is going to do. He is going to give us our goddamn Constitution back. Then, personally I am going to take care of myself. If you are looking for somebody to bring you something, I’m afraid you are shit out of luck. Paul is going to do the only thing he can do in a bankrupt country. He’s going to restore our monetary system and take the special privilege from those who have enjoyed it for too long. In short, all I need is a chance, and Ron Paul is offering me one. Ron Paul is not going to get up and say he is going to send you a check. If that is what you are looking for, it would seem you are wanting more of the socialism that got you into this mess. What Dr. Paul will do is give us our standard of living back, which means we will have a job or be able to start our own businesses, if we have the knowledge and aptitude to do so. After that we are going to get rid of all the socialist shit, so that it can never be used again to attempt to enslave us. Hope this answers your questions.

      1. Henry,

        Bravo! So very well said!

        The man wants to repair and restore our “transformed” country back to a meritocracy instead of the plutocratic, socialist, oligarchy it has degenerated into.(And anybody who doesn’t know what that means needs to start reading or just go off in the bushes and wait passively for execution)

        If this is not done we would be better off dead anyway. Of course, anyone who wants to live in the chains of tyranny cowering under the table of the despots in fear of an honorable death waiting for crumbs and bones can make that choice. As for me….I want America back!

        Ron Paul is the man for the job….anyone who doubts that has a great deal to learn and until that is accomplished has nothing to say that interests me.

        They can keep their 2 to 5 month stays of execution…we’ve had plenty of that and things just keep getting exponentially worse. What we need is our country back and fast! Has everyone forgotten the famous words of Patrick Henry? For God’s sake people….you’re Americans…grow a pair!

        1. Yeah,Clark…that would be a great start wouldn’t it?

          I’ve been jobless before…this is different…we are now countryless. The country has been gutted.

          1. You got that right, Brian. Before the shit hit, I was never out of work longer than 3 months. As of Aug. 22nd, it will be 3 years.

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