Rouge River Rafting – Mark, Henry, and Laura get a little wet

We were sitting at the house waiting for a day of clear weather and got lucky Saturday last week. I asked Henry if he had any good ideas of what the hell to do and he nailed it, a 3 V8 engine flat bottom rocket ship flying through part the Rouge River system at over 50 MPH, with an included dinner half way through.

Don’t get to see my people with great big smiles on their faces too often, but Saturday had all of us grinning ear to ear, hauling ass in a friggin’ jet boat doing 360’s at 50 mph. Talk about some goddamn fun, kids….  

11 thoughts on “Rouge River Rafting – Mark, Henry, and Laura get a little wet

  1. The boat skipper runs the boat to over 50 MPH, turns the wheel hard left or right and spins the boat on its axis at speed, then another boat directly behind us flys through the wake generated by our boat and soaks the people riding in their boat, so both boats are part of the action. Of course, the first boat gets soaked as well, needless to say, we got a little wet.

    We did about 10 of these 360s during the 30 mile adventure.

    I was surprised when Henry told me he had never done this before, so I was glad I could put a smile on Laura and Henry’s faces. LMAO!

    Anybody else ever do this? Check out the deer behind us in one of the pictures.

  2. Kayak ed it last summer. and sure made our trip more interesting. i think we went from grave creek to foster. It was a long day and the sunburns hurt!

  3. That looks so thrilling. I hope I can do it some day.

    Mark, it’s wonderful that you share this with Henry and Laura. We are dealing with sooooo many heavy issues, so play and adventure become very important for balance and restoration.

    Thanks for reminding us all to play, no matter how bad things get, to find some time to treat the soul to a day off of beauty, fun, and friendship.

    Yea! I feel like I went vicariously.


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