Russia Sinks Ship to Block Ukrainian Navy Ships

Russia Sinks Ship to Block Ukrainian Navy ShipsNaval Today

The Russian Navy Ochakov Kara-class cruiser was sunk last night to block the Ukrainian Navy ships deployed in Novoozerne, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence said in a press release today.

The information was confirmed by the Ukrainian military of the South Naval Base who were observing the operation.  

The RF ships blocking the Ukrainian ships in Donuzlav lake in the Crimea left the zone at 23.30 p.m. (March 5).

Then, the Russian military towed their ship Ochakov to the navigating channel and filled her with water. Then, there was an explosion. The depth in this area is 9-11 m, it is possible now to observe the upper part of the ship. Therefore, the ships cannot leave the Donuzlav lake. It is needed a lot of time and costs to refloat this ship, according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense

Ochakov was stationed in the Russian Black Sea Fleet as of 2011, however it has not been operational since the early 2000.

In 1961 the Donuzlav Lake was connected to the Black Sea by inlet, in fact turning the lake into the bay of the Black Sea. It is the largest lake of Donuzlav Tarhankut group of lakes and the deepest lake in the Crimea and in Europe.

3 thoughts on “Russia Sinks Ship to Block Ukrainian Navy Ships

  1. My Fellow Americans:

    This only portends one thing,… the expectation of increased tensions,… asset manuevers,.. and eventually,… direct contact (conflict).

    “Bottling” a port is, in and of itself,… considered an act of war.

    Let there be no doubt in peoples minds,.. the decision to escalate this situation has already been made,… we are now witnessing the defensive build up for what is coming.

    JD – US Marines – The Russians don’t just bottle up a harbor with an 8,000+ Ton military crusier for shits and giggles.

    1. @JD I agree real lines are being drawn as we speak, (not the fake red line the Washington presstitutes are always jawing about) real lines of battle.

  2. Over at Mr. Rivero is saying ‘I think this is a ‘USS Maine’ false flag to justify military intervention.’ He points out that the channel is 1700 feet wide at the narrowest point and the ship roughly 570 ft in length. What he fails to point out is that since the channel is shallow, blocking the correct 570 ft. might actually be effective. Check it out and remember the words of William Cooper: “Read everything, believe nothing that your own research doesn’t support.” – Not quite an exact quote, but it gets the meaning across. Meanwhile, here at home, the gun grabbers are still in motion, and this ‘crisis’ does serve nicely as a mis-direction. Circles within circles of intrigue.

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