S.W.A.T. may be intentionally burning suspects alive to end standoffs

S.W.A.T. may be intentionally burning suspects alive to end standoffsIntellihub – by Shepard Ambellas

BRENTWOOD, New Hampshire (INTELLIHUB) — Rob Dew, reporting for Infowars Nightly News recently did an excellent visual piece detailing questions which have arisen following a massive explosion and house fire during a S.W.A.T. raid Monday.

Shockingly, in the video Dew points out how the armored S.W.A.T. vehicle preemptively moved backward and away from the house just before the explosion.   

Dew went on to play clips from the Dorner standoff when S.W.A.T. was caught applying fire to a residence to either flush out or kill the suspect last year. In fact, on Feb. 13, 2013, RT reported on the Dorner standoff burners in an article titled ‘Burn it Down’ – Dorner’s hideout deliberately torched by LAPD as dramatic manhunt ends.

RT wrote:

US Police were heard on Los Angeles TV and over LAPD audio yelling to burn down fugitive ex-cop Chris Dorner’s cabin, revealing a deliberate, considered plan to torch the building in which Dorner was believed to be hiding.

Local news channel Kcal9 has played a recording in which police were heard to yell “burn this mother*****r down,” and another shouting, “f*****g burn this mother*****r,” as Dorner was barricaded inside his hideout.

The news followed an LAPD audio recording in which a police officer is heard to say, “Alright, we’re gonna go ahead with the plan with the burners,” and continued, saying, “like we talked about,” as his colleague confirmed he is in agreement.  

Interestingly today’s events, involving an explosion and house fire after S.W.A.T. responded to a police shooting, mirror the Dorner saga, as Dew points out in his spot on presentation.

The Boston Globe reported:

Firefighters were kept away from the scene and within minutes of the explosion the house was engulfed in flames. Firefighters finally started attacking the blaze around 6 p.m.

Public records indicate the house was owned by 86-year-old Walter Nolan

Moreover, Youtuber DAHBOO7 points out in a video that a human body was ejected from the upper window upon explosion. However, at this time it is unclear who’s body it was.

As of yet no more details are available.

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  1. Just like the burning of the Branch Davidians in Waco by jew gen.
    wesley clark. Not only are they terrorists, they’re arsonists.

    1. My dear, I think Ms. Reno was the overlord on that one> and was “listed” as giving the nod to what later transpired. I’m curious as to how you conclude Clark was anything but “in between”?

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