‘Sandwich of Shame’: School Policy Calls Out Students Carrying Lunch Debt

NBC Chicago

An Indiana high school has been drawing attention for serving what some have called “sandwiches of shame” to students who have debts on their lunch accounts.

A student posted a photo of a cheese-and-bread sandwich served to a classmate in front of her in the cafeteria line.  

“The lunch lady said, ‘You owe $25.60. You have to have this alternative lunch,'” Kokomo High School senior Sierra Feitl told TODAY.

The effort is part of a policy enacted to encourage families to pay off their debt. The school notified families about the change at the end of last year but only recently began to enforce it.

The district says total credit on lunch accounts have put the school in $50,000 in debt, putting it at risk for losing federal funding.

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10 thoughts on “‘Sandwich of Shame’: School Policy Calls Out Students Carrying Lunch Debt

  1. Ummmm, start bringing your Brown Bag to school. Oh wait your not allowed to bring your own lunch. You will pay for lunch or go to Jail. Another Communist state on the brink of disaster.

  2. With what I pay in taxes every year, these chiseling Jews now want to deny a kid a bite to eat in the middle of the day because he’s poor?

    BaFunGoo….you cheap son of a bitch. I hope they burn the whole brainwashing school to the ground, with the staff of “the chosen” locked inside.

  3. Training the kids early to what their future prison food is gonna taste like.
    So when they get there.
    The inmates will say……..
    This tastes like that sh!tty @ss sandwhich I had in second grade.

  4. Sounds like the same “List of donors” along with the amount you’ve donated. It should be called the “List of Assholes”, those trying to impress everyone in the church or community by your inclusion at the top of the list.

  5. the best thing that could happen to you is to lose your federal funding.

    Then, you could start really teach the kids something worthwhile.

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