Sandy Hook Dad Advocates for Sedition

One Neil Heslin is trying to put himself above every other man and woman in this country.  If you believe the official story of Sandy Hook, Heslin’s son, Jesse, was killed by Adam Lanza and Heslin is now demanding that strict infringements upon our 2nd Amendment right be initiated.  Heslin has become quite the national figure, appearing on multiple networks and at Congressional Hearings where he sobbed uncontrollably as he implored Congress to unconstitutionally infringe upon the 2nd Amendment.

It was interesting to note, I must say it was the first time I have seen anyone sob without producing tears.  I do not know who this guy is or who he thinks he is, but I can tell you what his rights are as they are the same as mine.  If he does not want a gun, he does not have to have one.  But the only way he can take mine away is via a twelve person jury in a common law court, as this government has absolutely zero authority to do so.  

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I guess the theory here is this fellow’s kid got killed so he can step forth and spout sedition with impunity.  Heslin said that no one has come forth to tell him what is wrong with the gun legislation.  Well, you know what?  I’ll do it.

It is an infringement on an absolute right.  It is an act of treason and it will not be tolerated, nor will you be tolerated.  If you want to live in a country wherein only the government is armed, you can take your treasonous ass on over to China and see if it suits you better.

I’m sure you are getting paid quite well for advocating sedition, but that is a temporary state of affairs.  You and your commie buddies will not get our guns, so best you drag your sorry ass back to from whatever rock you crawled out from under, as we American nationals are not going to allow any one son of a bitch, or even the 20% of the people within our borders who are communists, to disarm us.

If your child really was killed at Newtown, I guess it was because you put him in a position of being a defenseless, helpless, victim.  This you will not do to the rest of us.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

20 thoughts on “Sandy Hook Dad Advocates for Sedition

  1. Sorry about what happened to his kid and the other kids but, we are not all mad men with a gun. I wonder how much he’s getting paid for this.

  2. Look at the ABC news screen shot. I think we’re seeing a new angle soon to be supported by that catch-phrase gun control legislation “deserves a vote”, so I want to get my 2 cents in now.

    It doesn’t “deserve a vote”, and it isn’t something that’s subject to anyone’s vote, either, but they’d like to push that angle in the hopes that they can destroy the second amendment with their rigged voting machines.

    Personally, I’m sure that if it were ever put to an honest vote we’d see the end of the issue, but unfortunately, the votes would be counted by Diebold, and you know what the result will be.

    Our inalienable rights are NOT subject to voting. Even if 90% of the population voted to end private gun ownership, it would not, according to our laws and constitution, mean that you should have to surrender any weapons.

    Anyone who doesn’t like our right to keep and bear arms can find themselves a country to live in where that right isn’t guaranteed by the constitution. Anyone who tries to subvert that right here, is a traitor to our nation (including the bereaved Dad above), and should be treated accordingly.

    1. I like what you are saying. Our Bill of Rights guarantees LIBERTY, not PUBLIC SAFETY.

      This does NOT deserve a vote any more than voting whether or not we still get FREE SPEECH gets a vote.

      I wish to hell these pompous windbags and hollywood actors would leave us the hell alone. They’re poking a hornet’s nest they really don’t want to rile up, if you ask me.

  3. I agree with every word, Henry. The people who swallowed that Sandy
    Hook, line, and sinker need to think about the reasons behind our AG Eric Holder visiting every family involved shortly after the event in question. One can also speculate as to the reason why every family was assigned a federal agent to guard their homes even when the families didn’t want these agents present. It was a false flag to be used by the “gun-grabbers” to justify their treason.

  4. Henry and Jolly Roger, you are so damn right! I am sick to death of stupid, asinine laws that are the result of a person being unable to deal with the tragedies that sometimes befall into one’s life. I am sorry that this man lost his son, but passing a law that is unconstitutional and will do nothing to prevent any such tragedies from happening in the future is ludicrous. The thought of only the tyrannical government having arms is a terrible thought. Both of you are also correct when you say that there are plenty of countries that have such laws. Those who want to live in that kind of environment should relocate to one and see that the phrase “Watch what you wish for, you just might get it.” has some merit indeed!

  5. It deserves a vote? It was given a vote, HR11654 in 1903 clearly defined the 2nd Amendment. The Constitution doesn’t protect children’s lives, it protects liberty.

    HR11654 outlaws all gun laws. It can not be altered or repealed. It is the law of the land.

  6. My Fellow Americans:

    I guess no one told this traitor that Newtown was:

    1) Gov’t Op.

    2) There are no indications that ANY kid was actually killed.

    3) Niel Heslin is a lousy actor (certianly of Gene Rosen grade)

    4) If you want to stop MCE’s (Mass-Casulty-Events) – Congress needs to tell the CIA/FBI/Mossad/ &MI6 to stop doing them.

    The three clocks are running down –

    1) People waking up exponentially…

    2) Banking/Financial/Stock Market System about to implode.

    3) WW3 About to start in a half dozen locations

    Yeap,… they need to disarm the people they intend to slaughter (Americans) BEFORE one of those three clocks goes off…

    They are desperate.

    JD – US Marines – Get ready,.. the hour of our discontent is here…

    1. That’s right,
      Sandy Hook is the only school mass shooting that had ZERO survivors that could identify Lanza as the shooter.
      All other shootings (VA tech, Columbine, etc) had many survivors that could corroborate the government’s “story”.
      Sandy Hook also had a $300,000 security video system, yet they won’t show us a single frame or pic of Lanza with his “assault rifle”.
      This is a psyop to disarm us since they know something big & nasty is about to unfold.

  7. After Wounded Knee, My Lai , and the numerous other genocides/massacres carried out since by the United States military, why are our Politicians not DEMANDING the military be disarmed?
    It is the same thing ….. even worse …..

  8. assuming we go along with the “official” story on SH, the evidence points to one woman who did not use good judgement, did not lock her guns up in a safe place to keep, who took her autistic kid to the range with her and let him shoot, who then also failed to monitor and again use good judgement on what he was exposed to,,
    I am not trying to disparage anyone who is or has a kid who is autistic, but if you know anything about this dis ease, they are pretty much not socially adept, and in almost all cases are not capable of “normal” social interaction, and in many cases are also totally devoid of emotion or feelings, at least outwardly, who knows what is going on inside their heads,,
    so the rest of us are going to somehow be held responsible for the stupidity or poor judgement of one woman with regards to her kid, even though many many many of us have secure lockups, use proper practice when handling and pay attention to details and safety issues at all times when we are in the company of our firearms???
    I think this dude can blow me, sorry your kid died, bummer, hope the childs soul is resting in peace in the glow of the lord,
    but I have rights that SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED and when people start talking about taking my rights away I will become ever more vigilant against such actions…..

  9. Since Sandy Hook had a $300,000 video security system, show us one single picture or video frame of Adam Lanza with his “assault rifle” in Sandy Hook, then we can talk about laws regulating them.
    Until then, I will believe nothing from these people.
    Also, Sandy Hook is the only school mass shooting that had ZERO survivors that could identify Lanza as the shooter.
    All other shootings (VA tech, Columbine, etc) had many survivors that could corroborate the government’s “story”.
    I no longer believe anything from my TV except the weather.

  10. Henry you might like to post this wonderful short You Tube by Brother Nathaniel on Obama Goes to Israel, as in Sandy Hook, as in unbacked currency as in zionist promoted world affairs everything that is totally unreal is made to be real in the megalomania world of Zion.

    Just look at how the President of the United States bows in obedience to his masters.

  11. He wants to place further restrictions on the rights of others.Excuse me,but his right to free speech ends where the rights of others begin.Conspiring with others to violate someone’s rights is a felony.Perhaps if a few people started getting prosecuted for doing so,it would deter such behavior.

  12. the jew MSM and their polls are such BS just go to any youtube video from mayor jewbergs mayors against guns or any other pro gun control video , most all of them have to turn off commenting ,and they all have like 90% thumbs down votes

    and that hesslin guy just looks like a fed, and he sounds like he ate too many lead paint chips

  13. Anyone that believes ANYthing from the M$M or the fascist ‘gubmint’ is either a total moron or just pretending that they don’t know anything just to protect the status quo. It will all come tumbling down, and TPTB will be defeated in the end.

    I have little sympathy for anyone that refuses to do the right thing, particularly when they know that what is being done is wrong. Too many ‘justify’ their actions and/or inactions as ‘just following orders’, ‘just doing their job(s)’, or
    ‘I had no idea…’.

    Anyone paying attention would know by now that TPTB want us dead, have
    wanted that for a long time, and are doing everything they can to make that happen. I do feel sorry for the victims, and their families, but there are those who are actors IN LIFE, such as the alleged ‘father’ in this story. He more than likely had a huge insurance payoff, or perhaps just some ‘hush money’ slid his way. These ‘people’ make me sick!

  14. Looking at the total militarization of local and federal governments on the homefront, why would anyone in their right mind not be buying all of the guns and ammo they could afford? I for one am not going to be lined up against a wall and shot by some Bolshevik/Commie human drone.

  15. Anybody check to see if this guy actually has a son and seen the death certificate?

    Hearing him speak and all the details he gives about what his son did and said before he went to school has always seemed fishy to me

  16. WHY does the so-called ‘government’ have such a hard time finding a decent actor for these gigs?

    It’s not as if they have a limited budget or anything.

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