Sandy Hook FAKE Sniper is ‘DAD’ David Wheeler (Newtown Shooting HOAX is False Flag)

Published on May 8, 2017 by Barry Soetoro

Hollywood actor DAVID WHEELER played 2 roles in the Sandy Hook HOAX. Wheeler role #1 was FAKE FBI Sniper. Wheeler role #2 was Grieving Father of (murdered) Benjamin Wheeler.

That’s 2 different Newtown CT “shooting” roles for 1 actor (David Cole Wheeler).

David Wheeler playing 2 Sandy Hook roles PROVES Newtown’s “school shooting” was FAKE. Sandy Hook was a hoax — a false flag — to terrorize Americans out of their guns.

Please MIRROR this version (fixed soundtrack L/R and boosted volume). Original video was posted by ‘Barry Soetoro’ YouTube Channel in December 2015 (please credit Barry Soetoro channel) LINK:…


David Wheeler is a professional actor in the movie FAITHFUL released in 2001. Francine Wheeler (his wife) is a TV actor in the Dream Jam Band and Mutant Aliens.



David Wheleer is FAKE FBI since he’s never handled a gun before Newtown. Wheeler carries his AR15 rifle upside down, by the magazine, pointed at women and children behind him. Wheeler wears army surplus gear that ISN’T marked ‘FBI.’

David Wheeler is a gun-hating actor — that’s obvious as he mishandles his rifles, then loses both rifles on the driveway of Sandy Hook Elementary school.

David and Francine Wheeler were used by Obama and CIA to demonize guns thru State Terror (Sandy Hook). Wheeler and his wife delivered the Weekly Address from the White House in place of Obama — to demonize guns.

Their other big goal is Mind Control (aka ‘Mental Health’) laws to diagnose and disqualify YOUR CHILD from becoming a gun owner.

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  1. Barry I’m boycotting you for giving cover for Trump, you messed up with that one, that and your a megalomaniac.

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