4 thoughts on “Satan At The Wailing Wall

  1. Personally, I find Brother Nathanael’s somewhat sinister smile while revealing evilness curious. Notice he also wears the same color ( black ) which all so-called judges wear, the color of Saturn / Satan . . .

  2. Interesting, and nothing these crazy Jews do surprises me, but I had heard the Josephus wrote more fiction than actual history (“based on a true story” kind of stuff), and shouldn’t really be relied upon for accuracy.

    1. (this was an attempt to reply to Mark, above)

      I think he’s a nut, and if it’s the same guy, I remember him preaching in the streets in NYC decades ago. (strikingly similar, if not the same person)

      I’d like to shoot him an e-mail and ask him.

      (I’ve seen him do nothing nutty of late, but that description is from my memory of him… if it is him)

  3. While Brother Nathanael comes across a bit over the top, his zeal is genuine. The info is a bit disconcerting if one has been raised in a sheltered manner. He highlights subject matter that is taboo. That is the uneasy feeling most get when watching him. Even if you disagree with him, he should be allowed his say. Have you ever been among Jews who disagreed on a subject? Most spirited I would say. In the end, I would rather see a matter debated to death than relegated to the dustbin because of political correctness.

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