5 thoughts on “Second Hand Lions Bar FIGHT Scene

  1. Hey Hal, Along with other things (grin) I keep my cast iron frying pan real handy, just in case one of these fights comes my way. 🙂

    By the way… In case you didn’t see these comments on Friday, you were mentioned:


    And ps: Did anyone happen to notice how Mother’s Day is being ignored in the media? I use CNN for my home page just so each day I can see what the enemy is up to, and CNN had no coverage (yet) of Mother’s Day. Nada, zip. They want to erase one of the most beautiful honorings in the world. Well they won’t stop me.




    1. Happy Mothers day Galen,

      I sure miss my mom…

      To all you mothers here at the Trenches


    2. Happy Mother’s day to you as well, Galen 🙂
      Thank you for the nice thoughts, dear, but I’m just a mere idiot continually trying to wake the naive, even though they try to segregate me. EF them 🙂
      Please realize the internet here is far from good, and I get shut down a lot trying to comment, so any more kept short.
      Lucky tonight I guess.
      There’s a half moon tonight.
      And I like it.
      F–k old!
      Love you all, and get the hell up here on this site, flee!!!

      Left replys on Friday’s FTT…


      1. Flee may just be busy with his duties as the newly appointed Speaker of the House. I just know he’ll be here soon.

        Your words: “I’m just a mere idiot continually trying to wake the naive…”

        Ha! I’m sure a lot of us could say that. Thanks, Hal, somehow this helps me to embrace my weaknesses. Sometimes I’m strong, sometimes, not so strong. But you are no idiot.

        Just a mere human continually trying to wake the naive.


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