Senator Alex Antic discussing Trusted Digital Identity Bill


Jun 24, 2022Senator Alex Antic discussing the proposed ‘Trusted Digital Identity Bill’ which will give the Oz govt. unprecedented access to private and personal information. Under the guise of safety and convenience, the foundation is being set for a social credit system.

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2 thoughts on “Senator Alex Antic discussing Trusted Digital Identity Bill

  1. What’s going to start happening is people will get tired off this big tech big government police state and they will start taking out these cameras and 5g towers, they will stop installing and using all these tracking apps. I could give 2 $hitz if i had to go back to analog communications, it was really much more reliable and you got to keep more of your money when using paper, instead of a surcharge or transaction charge everytime you swipe your card.

    1. We may have to go all the way back to Pony Express!! At least for a while, ’till the Tech-Demons are subdued.


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