Seventh graders arrested, accused of putting pepper flakes in teacher’s soda

Orlando Sentinel – by Gal Tziperman Lotan

Three seventh-graders at Deltona Middle School are facing criminal charges after allegedly putting crushed red pepper flakes in their teacher’s can of Mountain Dew, a Volusia County sheriff’s spokesman said.

The three 12-year-old girls were arrested are being held at the Volusia Regional Juvenile Detention Center.

Two face charges of poisoning food or water and tampering with consumer products. The third faces charges of tampering with consumer products and being a principal to poisoning food or water.

The language arts and English for non-native speakers teacher, Jayne Morgan, said she wanted to press charges but did not know that the students would be arrested and taken into custody.

Morgan declined to say much else about the case Saturday morning.

“My principal at Deltona Middle School has been very supportive, and the district is making the decisions as to how the case is handled,” she said.

The school will also discipline the girls internally, said Nancy Wait, a district spokeswoman.

The Orlando Sentinel is not naming the students because they are minors.

One of the students was mad at Morgan, who sent her to the principal’s office Monday for pouring glue into a classmate’s backpack, sheriff’s spokesman Gary Davidson said. Morgan also suspected that the girl stole a laptop, records show.

The student was upset with Morgan, and wanted to “vandalize her car with paint,” according to her arrest affidavit. Her friend, one of the other students later arrested, told her it was not a good idea.

The next day, the student brought crushed red pepper flakes to school and convinced two friends to help her with the scheme, Davidson said.

The student handed the red pepper flakes to one friend, who poured them into Morgan can of Mountain Dew while another friend distracted the teacher, Davidson said.

In the arrest report, deputies said this “was done in retaliation for the teacher upholding her duties and responsibilities as a teacher, maintaining control of her classroom and attempting to protect the other children from [the first student’s] unacceptable behavior.”

Morgan told deputies she took two sips of the soda and felt like her throat was constricting. She then poured the rest of the can’s contents into a clear plastic cup and saw the red pepper flakes floating inside.

Morgan went to the school nurse, who said her blood pressure was higher than usual, records show. The nurse checked her blood pressure again about 15 minutes later and said it was “noticeably lower,” records show.

Morgan later told deputies she had a sore throat and a stomach ache until that evening.

School officials called deputies on Thursday, Davidson said.

“Our investigation confirmed that felony offenses were committed,” Davidson said.

One Florida law the girls are facing charges under makes it illegal to add “poison, bacterium, radioactive material, virus, or chemical compound” to food or drinks, intending to kill or injure another person. It is a first-degree felony.

Deputies defined “poison” as “any substance that interferes with normal body functions after it is swallowed, inhaled, injected, or absorbed,” records show.

The students also face a first-degree felony charge under Florida’s Anti-Tampering Act, which prohibits changing consumer products “with reckless disregard” for another person’s health and safety. or 407-420-5774

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28 thoughts on “Seventh graders arrested, accused of putting pepper flakes in teacher’s soda

  1. I watched as piss got added to an @$$hole teacher’s soda in High School. Boy, oh boy, you could tell by the scowl on his face that he wanted to say something, but he didn’t dare, we owned him! 😆

  2. How is pepper poison???

    “carbonated water, high-fructose corn syrup (in much of the U.S.), concentrated orange juice, citric acid, natural flavors, sodium benzoate, caffeine, sodium citrate, erythorbic acid, gum arabic, calcium disodium EDTA, brominated vegetable oil (banned ingredient in Europe, India & Japan), and yellow 5
    is not considered poison?

    f$ck this place. Im so ready to just give up and eat my gun. cant afford food anyways.

      1. Exactly, then there’s Trump-di-dump and all is reveal to be as asinine and cynical as can be—-Time to withdraw as taxpayers….had enough of the b s .. and those that get to use our tax dollars to come back at the very rights under law they spit on through trade agreements —see to verify the soon to be obvious….

    1. Be careful what you say. I had a knock at the door last Tuesday morning and when I opened the door it was three cop cars and cops all over my yard. My daughter had had too much vodka the night before and told her friends online that she was down so one of those idiots went on Facebook and said that she had told them she wanted to die and wanted to be hauled off by paramedics (which she claims she never said) I went and got her and showed the cops that she was fine and they left but it was very disturbing to me to have all those cops in my yard because some moron said something stupid on the net. No reflection on you, I am talking about my daughters “friends”

  3. This was just a prank, not a “poisoning.” I’ve eaten plenty of hot peppers and am still alive to tell about it. I think the teacher is exaggerating the effects of the pepper.

    Obviously the girls need to be disciplined, but arrested on felony charges? That’s just ridiculous. These are seventh-graders, for God’s sake. They’re children. Give them lots of detention, make them do chores around the school, etc. That’s what would be done in a sane society.

    1. the teacher wanted to press charges, but didn’t think they’d be arrested….
      Hello ??

      These are non english speaking immigrants?

  4. The scene in dumb and dumber. How’s your burger?
    It was just a goof.!
    Check please…..
    Felony pepper flake terrorism.
    These young girls must work for Isis.

    1. one of my all time favorite movies. lol!!!
      i wonder if they’ll need their precrime technology for this one…for future reference.
      just more fodder for the system.

  5. Teach them to tow the line and be good little commie kids while they are still young. BTW, aren’t we all terrorists now? It was inevitable mischievous kids would be added to the list soon anyway, right?

    And to think everyone in my school managed to live and stay out of prison, even after all the highly terroristic things we used to do back then. Just amazes me how we’re still alive and not scared for life. (sarc.)

  6. So why do we allow the Mason’s, the “good ole’ boys” to even exist? I’m tellin’ ya, from first hand experience, these people are “creepy”, like clowns, I hate clowns, I once kicked a clown’s @$$! I’ll do it again, if they ask.

    Mason’s, I got no time for ’em. F’N Satan worshipper’s, pure and simple. Any more questions?

  7. I hope someone mails the teacher a letter with a suspicious red pepper flake substance in an envelope addressed from ISIS. That’ll strike fear and terror deep into the hearts of many of the pu$$y fag pc amerikans who made all this emasculating bs gain any traction to begin with.

    First, they came for the pepper flakes and I did nothing.

    Then they came for the minced dehydrated onion flakes…

    I better stop writing their script for the next “terror” event. Don’t want to give them any ideas.

  8. Just more people losing their second amendment rights as children
    Nothing to see here

    If they really get a felony charge on thier record
    And what a way to ruin a child’s future

  9. Students used to give teachers apples to kiss up to them.
    It could have been rat poisoning or drano.

    The kids aren’t allright.
    Song by the offspring.

  10. Stupid f@#kin teacher ought to be thankful she can afford to have a mtn dew with pepper flakes in it.
    When I was growing up I’da killed somebody for a mtn. dew with pepper flakes in it.
    My dad always used to yell “You better eat all them bean sprouts or you ainta gettin no mtn. dew with pepper flakes in it for dessert!”
    There’s gonna come a day when that b!&ch is gonna wish she had that mtn. dew with peper flakes in it. When she’s all cold and starving after the SHTF and the bombs went off and there aint no food and she’ll be thinking “…boy, sure wish I had that mtn dew with the pepper flakes in it.”

    1. Or, she might remember longingly the minor “offense” of some spicy Mtn Dew about the time she is bound to a table by some demented, starving freaks who are starting to cut off her leg for dinner. Yep, at that point, I bet she would gladly trade it all for a Mtn Dew bottle full of pepper flakes with a splash of piss to help wash it down.

      I suppose it’s all about perspective, huh?

  11. “….and English for non-native speakers teacher…”

    They should have used cyanide.

    But if the pigs have time for this nonsense, it does go to show how many have been hired to beat us into submission, when there’s obviously no real crime for them to fight.

  12. “Our investigation confirmed that felony offenses were committed,” Davidson said.”

    Which confirms that any and all ‘crimes’ are destined to be deemed felonies in the very near future.

    Insanity abounds.

  13. “Three seventh-graders at Deltona Middle School are facing criminal charges after allegedly putting crushed red pepper flakes in their teacher’s can of Mountain Dew, a Volusia County sheriff’s spokesman said.”

    You’re joking right?

    “Two face charges of poisoning food or water and tampering with consumer products. The third faces charges of tampering with consumer products and being a principal to poisoning food or water.”

    Oh my god…You’re F**king joking right?

    Back in the day, my friends put tacks on the teacher’s chairs when they were pissed off at their teacher. Hell, I even put a whoopie cushion on my teacher’s chair. Some even spit in their coffee. So that makes us criminals? WTF????!!!!! The most we got was detention or even a strict talking to. THAT’S it! But now you’re a criminal or looked upon as a terrorist even?? Do the people in this world even have a clue as to what reality they are living in?

    But hey, illegals can come across the border, politicians can get away with murder, and Hitlery can sell our lands to Russia, but don’t you DARE put pepper in your teacher’s Mountain Dew.


    EVERYONE has literally gone INSANE!!!!!

    Please report to the insane asylum, you stupid prick!

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