11 thoughts on “She wishes she looked this good …

      1. lol. My comment doesn’t change anything about HC, just that the long hair makes it obvious that she is female,(or at least looks female). Yikes, I better quit typing. lol

        1. Ohhhh PLEASE … I shouldn’t dignify such a rude and inappropriate question with a material reply but I could have informed all of experiences that you my never get a chance to know of …
          I know that you are just trying to be CUTE and I could appreciate that but I’m just not in that kind of mood just now … maybe some other time, Gravy !!!
          Sunfire’s GOT IT … That face could make a billy-goat puke!

          1. LOL… sorry about the confusion. In fact, I could have sworn I heard you call in to Henry’s show a while back. This is what threw me…

            “Hair is a ‘woman’s glory’ — and also our antennas !!!”

            That can easily be misconstrued to be a 1st person statement, depending on how you look at it.

            My bad.

            Not my fault, though. I’m blaming the bud… 🙄

  1. We live in a 111 yr old farm house, first house built on our road. It’s bad enough that there are things that go bump around here day and night. If that picture/painting of HC were hanging on my wall, with those sleezy lying eyes following me around, I’d burn it in a heartbeat. Otherwise I’d end up weighing 90 lbs after hurling constantly. Haha.

  2. That picture is perfect for when you’re feeling very sick but can’t throw up! That face could make a billy-goat puke!

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