Sheriff Joe Arpaio Has A Dire Warning For Judge Standing In Obama’s Way

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Western Journalism – by F. Peter Brown

An attorney for Sheriff Joe Arpaio made a filing with the federal judge who ordered the halting of President Obama’s executive amnesty, asking that a hearing be held on Obama’s refusal to comply with the court’s order.

The attorney, Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch, stated to the judge in the filing:  

“Several reports indicate that the executive branch under the Obama administration has not complied with this court’s temporary injunction, but continues full-speed to implement a grant of amnesty and related benefits to approximately 5 million citizens of foreign countries who are illegally in the United States under the defendants’ November 20, 2014, executive action programs implemented by several memoranda issued by Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson.”

U.S. District Judge Andrew S. Hanen ordered federal agencies to cease implementing Obama’s amnesty plan; but, since then, Obama has warned that “one federal judge” will not stand in his way toward implementing amnesty.

Obama, according to the Washington Times, “told a Miami crowd that he will move ahead with his executive action on immigration and vowed that his administration will become even more aggressive in the weeks and months to come.”

Klayman noted in the filing: “The Obama administration is continuing to signal not only its disagreement with the court’s order, which is its right, but beyond that its non-compliance with the court’s order.”

He went on to write:

“In short,” Klayman told the court, “President Obama’s defiant pledge in Miami, Florida, on February 25, 2015, to move forward aggressively with implementation of his deferred action amnesty by executive over-reach …  more than suggests that the Obama administration is continuing to implement the executive action amnesty in defiance of the court’s temporary injunction.

“Given the strong reports that DHS is continuing to implement the programs that the court enjoined, the court should issue an order to show cause and call for clarification and assurance from the defendants that they are and will comply with the court’s temporary injunction, and if not take immediate remedial actions to [ensure] that the order is being complied with.”

Klayman also noted that Obama is threatening “consequences” to federal employees who obey the federal judge’s ruling to cease implementation of his amnesty.

2 thoughts on “Sheriff Joe Arpaio Has A Dire Warning For Judge Standing In Obama’s Way

  1. Obama is fighting tooth and nail to embed his army of wetbacks, but sheriff Arpaio isn’t really standing in his way.

    He may have began with the right intentions, but like any other patriot with any public support, he’s eventually going to be approached with the usual offer they can’t refuse.

    “Work for us and we pay in gold, or work against us and be paid in lead.” …. and just like that, another false-opposition fighter is born.

    It’s ONLY “we the people” that can change things. Millions of anonymous faces that can’t be bought or threatened.

  2. Amen to that Jolly that and only that will ever change a thing here now. Working within the system to change the system is just as insane as it sound. What really needs to happen is for the real traitors to be offered a deal they cant refuse and that deal is the end of a rope. Our country is now occupied by traitors that are stalling the inevitable with mindless chatter and hoping that the sheep will only bleat and baaaah .As even a fool can see now that does not accomplish a thing.The next election cycle will be nothing more than a SNL skit and you can bet it wont be a funny one either but the loons will go to the polls like lemmings thinking it can change things and it will ,for the worse just like always.

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