SHOCK: Transgender Activist Running International Drug Smuggling Operation IN PLAIN SIGHT Targeting Minors

Gateway Pundit – by Cullen Linebarger

Transgender activists across the country have targeted children in wide variety of sick ways for several years. But UC Santa Cruz PhD. student Eli Erlick has found a unique and quite illegal way to prey on our nation’s youth. 

Erlick is a troubled and irredeemable individual who once advocated for the assassination of Supreme Court Justices. The call came the day Roe v. Wade was overturned.

Chaya Raichik, who operates Libs of Tiktok, first revealed back in August that Erlick has been trafficking hormonal drugs across North America to underage transgender minors.  Erlick’s social media channels openly promote her illegal scheme.

In the post below, Erlick brags about how she violates state laws to carry out her operation. She also mentions the hormones provided to her underage clients include testosterone, estradiol, and spironolactone.

Erlick further reveals to an Instagram follower that her operation is international, making this a federal crime.

The PhD. Student boasted Wednesday to Raichik that her business is going “very well” and thanked Raichik for the “free advertising.”

But how is Erlick moving her supply to her underage and vulnerable targets in the first place? Every drug trafficking operation has a distribution point, after all.

The answer to this question is almost certainly CVS Health. Raichik queries whether CEO Karen Lynch is oblivious to Erlick’s sinister activities.

Raichik has sent multiple tips to the DEA and FBI alerting them to Erlick’s nefarious scheme. Unsurprisingly, the agencies have ignored the requests likely because they visualize Erlick as a righteous rebel with a good cause. Raichik also sees this as the most likely scenario.

The only way to combat cruel and dangerous activities like Erlick’s is by uncovering as many as possible. This can act as an impetus for more states banning hormonal therapy to minors and arresting individuals targeting vulnerable children.

While the corporate media will bash states protecting the children, they will not be able to successfully portray selling illegal drugs to minors in a sympathetic light.  The public will side with patriots like they did with Florida when the state implemented legislation to protect children.

There has never been a more important time for investigative journalism in America than now. Without reporters willing to uncover the sordid truths facing our nation, we will have lost generation of children thanks to predators like Eli Erlick.

Gateway Pundit

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