‘Shots fired’ as the Left Takes Dead Aim at Ammo (SB 53)

Breitbart – by Assemblyman Tim Donnelly

Here they go again! Staunch anti-2nd Amendment Democrat, Senator Kevin De León and his fellow leftists are at it again. This time they’ve got your ammo in their sights. DeLeon, from Los Angeles, is one of the most ardent opponents of the 2nd Amendment. His latest bill, SB53, is nothing less than a back door ban on the 2nd Amendment using ammo as a proxy.

This bill will violate your Constitutional Rights by penalizing citizens who wish to exercise their basic natural right of Self Defense as an American. If SB 53 passes, you will be forced to pay a fee to the CA Department of Justice in order to obtain a permit to buy what you can legally purchase now without one. You will be stripped of your freedom to purchase ammo online by an ever expanding government.   

This is not just about guns; SB53 is a fundamental assault on our Liberty and our God-given right of self-defense. If you cannot freely exercise your right, you don’t have one.

Those who tout the freedom to choose an abortion without restriction, gleefully seek to eliminate choice for every law abiding California gun owner. By dictating where we can buy ammo and imposing a what amounts to a poll tax on your constitutional civil right of self-defense, this bill will deprive those least able to afford it the right to defend themselves.

Are their lives any less valuable? It really makes you wonder what Senator DeLeon has against those who are not as privileged as he and his powerful cronies. Many of his constituents live in gang-infested neighborhoods, and would just like to be able to cheaply procure ammo for their guns without having to go through the extra hassle of SB53.

It’s hard enough to buy ammo in California without Sacramento adding more obstacles. Tried to get a brick of .22 lately? It’s almost impossible to find. If SB53 becomes law, you won’t be able to order ammo online, and with the Government created ammo shortage, you may find yourself unarmed and unprepared when trouble finds you.

We don’t need any more Government control over us here in California; we need a Government that will control itself, and mind it’s own business, not interfere in ours.


Assemblyman Tim Donnelly



2 thoughts on “‘Shots fired’ as the Left Takes Dead Aim at Ammo (SB 53)

  1. This kind of thing is creeping into places all over the country as the citizens continue to live in a state of denial about it. Welcome to police state ameriKa and from here it is only going to get more tyrannical until the citizens are willing to fight to take their freedom back and see the traitors hang!

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