3 thoughts on “Signing up for Cub Scouts

  1. Boy Scouts are so woke now that my son will not allow his son to join this org! And check this out–back in the 2000s my daughter signed up for a local girl scout camp and eventually became a counselor there in summer. The camp made a trip to the local boy scout camp (both camps in my area) and she and the other girl scout counselors were shocked at the femininity of the boy scouts they encountered…these boys couldn’t even climb a tall rock or start a campfire, while daughter and other girl scouts actually climbed a high mountain near the camp… The days of the cub/boy scouts when my brother, now 74, was a member are long gone!

    Note–my grandson referred to previously, at age 6, climbed an even taller mountain last year, and climbed to over 7,000 feet with his dad and my hubby this past summer! He’s now 7, and is good at sports and smart besides.

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