SiteGround is Trying to Choke From the Trenches Out

From the Trenches World Report keeps going down again and again.  This is starting to look like a deliberate attack.  Every time the site starts working correctly and our numbers start coming back, it is like a switch is being flipped.  I do not know the motive but I can tell you this.  The server SiteGround’s attitude is that I’m just one poor son of a bitch out here in the middle of nowhere and there is nothing that I can do about them.

We have paid every extortion demand, starting with the $29 per month we were told would be sufficient for our traffic to $68.95 per month (still wasn’t enough) to $107 per month where we are now.  And with no more traffic, the money has changed nothing and the site continues to fail.

Therefore, I’m asking all of you who read this to call SiteGround at 866-605-2484 and tell them you are going to tell everyone you know how they treat with patriot communications and call for a boycott of their service across the country. I will be calling the Oregon State Attorney General tomorrow.

SiteGround is hurting this site and they know they are doing so and think they can do so with impunity because of our content.  They do not know us very well.

As you know we will continue working the problem until From the Trenches is back where it belongs.

God bless the Republic, death to the Jew infested international corporate mafia, we will prevail.

37 thoughts on “SiteGround is Trying to Choke From the Trenches Out

  1. Henry
    Are you on a back-up system for when we start calling? Because, I would hate to call them now and have them shut you down and all of us not have a way to communicate till you got back up somewhere else.

    I will wait for further instructions from headquarters! hehe

  2. Henry, I just got off the phone with these pukes and I told them that they miss represented themselves and I will be signing anything to make them pay for what they did to FTTWR. They know about what they did and they told me it still was not enough at a payment of 107 a month. By the way Millard is on the phone with these pukes at SiteGround right now as I`m responding to you Henry. These guys baited and switched FTTWR and they know it and they cannot be left to get away with this BS. Yea I blew up on these bastards and I hope others here will also give them hell there at SiteGround a peice of our mind also. Us guys here got to stand up to these extortionists………………P.S. Don`t ya`ll just love it when you try to talk to these types and ya almost got to have a f`n translator to interpret what they are saying – she sounded like she was straight from China And Millard had to talk to some guy from Bulgaria or so he said.

  3. Well Henry, seems like we (Readers here) have been through this before(Wether it be Gov. or server), I for one keep trying to come back and read as long as it takes. Not only are the posts great, the comments from the people here are on spot and let me know I’m not the only one that may think that (About what ever post) but hey, wayyyyy creative as well! I pressed 2 when calling, (I told them I wasn’t an owner but the site I was going to was servered by them, and they had issues with Patriots and why was that?) gave them the name of this website, they said it wasn’t listed (Told them twice!)?? I will call again, will do better if I can have more info to throw at them. Thank you for your site Henry and Thank you to all the people that comment. BTW the guy that answerered my call was very hard to understand (Didn’t speaka de englis so well….I had to tell him a couple of times I didn’t understand him…) I tried 🙂

    1. Hi ya RedTailHawk. When I called them pukes they asked what town the site was from and I said Chiloquin, Or. and they thought that I was Henry. They know who you were talking about.

      1. Hey Diggerdan, they didn’t ask me about town (If he did I didn’t understand him, don’t they know where we are calling from our phones anyway?). The guy said he looked up the site (Twice, I made him) and said it wasn’t listed. Bastar4s. Ah, I’ll call again tomorrow 🙂 I was a bit pis$e4 I couldn’t get this site for a few days obviousily they suck in many ways. Henry should get some money back for sure! I am glad they knew who I was talking about and I’ll call again tomorrow/ today and I’ll ask for someone that speaks english to speak with me! Any info that Henry might want to add I will add to my call. A Good night to everyone

  4. Henry, who do we ask for specifically when we call? The general manager is only thing I can think of. I will definitely call tomorrow after you post who to talk to.

    btw this is the only comment I’ll be posting tonight, I got started way too late, got distracted, so now I’m heading home to watch a movie I picked up earlier. Just to let you know.

  5. Indians, Bulgarians and Chinese…Yep, just another call center that’s outsourced to Asia and still will claim to be down the road from you. I’m glad Obama got us Americans so many jobs.

  6. Henry sent you an email, regardless whether you send back info or not expect to see some help coming your way.

    I want to see this sight succeed, this is one of the few places on the net that is genuine.

    I know that it won’t stop your or the truth from getting out.

    We’re all in this together.

  7. you should host it yourself from a spare machine with a couple of drives and Linux in it.

    that or look into “offshore” hosting from HK or SeaLand.
    or find a host in Iceland, they are passing lots of freedom laws to create a new “media” driven economy after they got F’d by the bankers.

    it makes no sense to host an anti-government site in the u.s. – the devils will just pull the plug or kill the DNS tables when the SHTF.

    btw, i thought the constant slowdowns & outright stopages was caused by the international routing or a gateway.
    i never expected a host to be doing shit like that!!

  8. We have been informed this morning that the problem with the site has been identified and will be corrected forthwith.
    It seems SiteGround has received many complaints and have found out this site involves a little more than one lone hillbilly in southern Oregon.
    You guys are awesome and we will not stop until our site is running like it is supposed to.
    God bless the Republic and the American national.

  9. I might be a little late, but I’m going to call them anyway just to give them a piece of my mind.

    Do we have any hackers on our side that can make their lives miserable? Is there a plate-glass window somewhere that I can chuck a brick through?

    Where do they park their cars? Anyone live close to their office?

  10. Hello Henry Shivley,

    I am really sorry to hear that you feel this way about the services we offer and please accept our apologies for any inconveniences caused by our side.

    I’ve carefully investigated this matter as our goal is always to provide with reliable hosting solutions and I would like to provide you with a bit more information about the problem.

    As my colleagues informed you the software you are using generates a huge amount of CPU and RAM usage. A load avg. value of 1 means that the server is optimizing 100% of the resources without needing any additional resources. Higher values often means that the resources available on the server are not enough and that the machine is struggling and thus working slower than usual.

    In your case your website was generating load between 10 and 24.72 and your Virtual Private Server CPU and RAM were not enough.

    We right away offered you a more powerful plan and upgraded you, but the plan you upgraded to was still struggling to handle your website load. After that we decided to take a step further and inspected your website code, plugins etc. We founded a few bugged plugins on your website that were not working properly hence generating a lot of resources usage and gave you more details on what they were doing.

    However your website was still generating a lot of resources, more then your VPS plan had included and paid for. So we decided to take another step further from what a hosting provider should offer and gave you tips on how to optimize your script. Then we helped you install Varnish plus memcache and configured your wordpress to work with the caching systems to minimize the load it is generating and bring it optimal performance.

    I am quite confident that there are not that many hosts that will help you with solving issues with the script you are using and I really hope that you can see our point view and understand that we really have made everything possible as a hosting provider to help you with this situation.

    Anyway, after all the fixes we applied, your website resources usage should be handled the CPU cores and RAM your VPS plan has included.

    Feel free to contact us at anytime with any questions that you may have!

    Best regards,

    SiteGround Customer Service Team!

    1. Valentin,
      We contacted SiteGround and inquired as to what would be involved in moving our site to your service. We were told there would be a minimal interruption in the site function and were quoted a price. We agreed to the terms and paid you. After the site was transferred, which did go pretty smooth, the service began to fail, which begs the question, did you even look at the site before asserting as fact that the service we were purchasing would be sufficient?
      Then we were told we were using too much bandwidth because of heavy traffic on the site. Note: traffic on the site was in fact less than it had been before making the change. Again, did you bother to look at the site before you told us the next upgrade would solve the problem?
      Of course we paid you more money and about an hour after the upgrade, the system failed again. Again, had you looked at the site yet?
      Finally we upgraded again. The site worked okay for a little while and again failed. Then, you finally looked at the site and told us that adjustments needed to be made internally and that we were going to have to hire somebody for $50 per hour to make the adjustments, which by that time we were leery of doing, as we were beginning to wonder if we were the victims of a bait and switch, as what started out as a $87 payment for 3 months service had turned into an additional $168.95 for two months service.
      Nobody at your organization could or would explain to us exactly how all the aforementioned had occurred. You and your organization had pretty much reached the point where you were telling us that it was our problem.
      Note: as a part of the original sale, we were told that everything would be taken care of and our site would be up and online, running correctly the first day.
      It used to be, here in America, that if somebody f#@ked up as bad as you guys did, the customer (which by the way I am the goddamn customer here) was compensated for the aggravation they were put through in giving you their money for a service you obviously were not prepared to provide.
      The fact is I was ignored until I put his article up and the people on this site started calling you and complaining.
      Now, all of that being said, the site at present seems to be working as it was supposed to per our original agreement five days ago. The site has suffered. Our advertisers have suffered.
      And our readers have suffered. And now you come up on this site trying to indicate that I, the customer, am somehow at fault for the shoddy product I originally received.
      Again, in this country, it used to be that when someone was buying something from someone else, the seller treated the buyer with respect because the seller wanted the buyer’s money. Now we live in this Chinese junk, take it or leave it, society where if I don’t like the product, well the illegal Mexican standing in line behind me will take it.
      Every corporation doing business in this country had better start realizing that they are operating for profit using the technology and resources that belong to we the people and are doing so at our leave.
      Again, the site is working well now and I do appreciate your hard work and skill in achieving this end. But you need to realize, I’m an American. I am not unreasonable. Most of this aggravation for you and me could have been easily avoided had SiteGround had a representative in place who speaks clear English and understands the culture of the American national to talk to me and treat me with the respect and understanding that I, as the customer, expect.
      Again, thank you for your effort and I hope our relationship in the future will be of a friendlier nature.
      Kindest Regards,

          1. Aw geeze there Angel, I still remember about a yr. ago when you guys put me in my place I hope I tamed down a little though at least I hope so anyway. You guys are just plain cool by golly . I did snake out on them guys at Site Ground a little though but they had it coming though..

          2. Aw digger, I was just teasing. LOL
            (that other thing, back then, was about “the written word” trashing up the integrity and class of the site. You’ve done good. Proud of ya. 🙂 )

          3. Thanks Angel! you guys taught me a lot – especialy about keeping things in perspective. By the way say hi to your hubby…….You guys – you older posters on site here – got my ut most respect here.

      1. Hello Henry,

        I can completely sympathize with you as after all your website experience poor performance. There ware somethings that we could have catch sooner or resolve faster. For which, please accept once again our apologies.

        Also, I would personally like to reassure you that the last thing that we want to do is to offer ” Chinese junk, take it or leave it,”. Even thought that we are from Europe Bulgaria, we always strive to offer top services and assistance no matter which time of the day or night.

        I am glad to that hear that your website is back to normal and we will be here to make sure that it stays this way!

        If there anything we can do for you just give us a call!

        Best Regards,


  11. Just to be accurate, I actually spoke to some poor sap from Bolivia, not Bulgaria as digger mentioned. I’m pretty sure the guy is still holding a rag on his backside to stop the bleeding.

  12. This is a good example of what an “outsourced” world we live in. It’s too damn easy to just pass the buck and blame someone else when you damn well know whose holding the cards. Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.

  13. I was trying to point out that this person from valentin lacks the skills to handle the situation. It makes me yearn for the days when kids could add and subtract without the cash register telling them what the correct change would be.

  14. No problem loading the page here whether visiting directly or coming from WRH. Sometimes noscript will show some items it is blocking but the page still loads up. Thanks for the articles and forum and thanks for the good works.

  15. Henry, can you give some figures of hits per hour lately?

    The cheapest tier of cost for a Drupal hosted blog-with-ads-and-comments Site like this, should still easily support thousands of hits per hour with no problems.

    You are two whole tiers up from that, yes?

    1. SiteGround has some of their best people working on the site and as you can see, the site is starting to work faster than it ever has.
      If they can get it to stay this way I will have to come on the front page and acknowledge the fact that they have gone out of their way to correct the problem, that customer satisfaction does mean something to them, and that the original problem would have to be attributed to a breakdown in communications within their organization, which I have to believe they are taking measures to correct.
      Anyway, keep letting us know how the site is working. Thank you.

      1. The site is working better than ever Henry, Thanks guys and all that were involved!!! Now I almost feel guilty for getting down on that SiteGround rep. I talked to the other day, but they did have it comming to them.

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