So What Happened? – In My Opinion

The Covid -19 hoax was always planned from the start to finish off Trump and insert Biden, obviously among other things. Many people are just plain scared to go outside, or go to work etc, etc, etc. I’ve experienced this first hand with my work as many people who work at distribution centers aren’t going to work because they are scared of this phony ass pandemic.

They also like the free money thing.

The Rothschild Jews used this to their advantage and gave Donald Trump the boot. Everybody did the mail in ballot, much more convenient and the Bolshevik plan worked wonders. The mail in ballots could be extended out by 3 days, millions jumped on that, especially in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Nevada.

Trump never had a chance, this clown played his part perfect, this was all a show kids, nothing more, pure bullshit.

The elites needed something different, Trump was never meant to serve a second term.

14 thoughts on “So What Happened? – In My Opinion

  1. Biden and Harris pushed the mail in ballot thing hard because covid-19 was there to facilitate it, Trump played the dumbass perfectly.


  2. Regardless of who got placed
    We the People lost
    We were getting fcked before for the last 60+ years and that’s never going to stop
    Frump wasn’t going to stop it
    And neither will the players in there now

    If .. a big if
    If it’s ever going to change it’s going to take a lot of our blood to do so
    And I just don’t see that kind of patriotism anymore in the general public

    Get ready for that boot that’s been on your throat to start pushing even harder
    They have an end date to your freedom to catch up with

    1. Yep, just shootin my mouth off, couldn’t resist.. I know exactly what im up against.

      Michigan results were mind boggling.. never in a million fkg years..

      People are just stupid man….unfriggen believable, shows you the power of mammon.

      People fell for that free goddamed money

      1. yep, but both teams have been playing against the public …so Im hopeful there will be some paybacks , Yes you are fully aware without a doubt .. wait until the numbers once added up together surpass the registered voter numbers ..makes you wonder what bullshit they will try to sell than ..

        I could give 2 shits about who they place in position,(because we know its a scam) It all comes down to the fcking we the people always get , we always get screwed.
        Im hopeful that this will wake up even more people , and maybe , just maybe we will have a US National Army to be reckoned with when we decide to take our country back

        1. Man, I’m looking forward to it. Getting my ducks in a row..Im in PA right now, friggen quite here .

          I see alot of semis pulled over to the side, more than usual.

          Alot of trucks out here man, huge..

          Thing is, millions of these guys aren’t American

          1. “Thing is, millions of these guys aren’t American”

            very true , I see it every day

        2. As for wake up, I suspect it will (though it might take a while). For one thing, NOBODY, not even blacks and PoCs, want Harris as president, let alone Veep. She is the PoC version of Killary, only even more evil. Because in truth, while so many folks do not understand communism (I do for sure…I used to hang out with them back in early 70s), most folks know Harris will try to institute it. And then there is the China connection…. Folks, American Nationals are not collectivist Chinese (Chinese culture is collectivist, as is Jewry of course, and most Asian cultures as well as African.) Long live the individual!

    2. Disagree.
      There is still you and me.
      The number they put on the screen is propaganda bullshit. If they could have done it, it would already have been done, and there are no ifs ands, or buts about it, they are not going to do shit except dangle and shit.
      Hell of thing to give up before you even fight. They are nothing and you should know that.

  3. They’re making it a slow torture, not only because they delight in sadism, and in keeping you endlessly engaged, plugged in to their bs, but also to see what pockets of resistance may pop up so they can gauge the climate of the populace. There’s already been a few stabbings to delight their appetite. Me hates ’em, and I’ve never been so disconnected from any entertainment as I’ve been from this voting circus of the last few days. I only see it when it unavoidably comes at me, otherwise, I don’t give it the time of day. Bad acting, poorly written, directed by cruel idiots. They have no idea what’s in store for them. Or maybe they do.

    And the other royal pain in the ass: Those who still believe voting matters. Vomit inducing.


  4. Well shucks. For me and I know a lot of us, we are happier than shit that they will put this other side of the coin fraud in, it means they are getting ready to ramp up things to next level,

    Mandatory national masks (Should get the shooting started), Mandatory Gun banning and turn in buy backs (Should get the shooting started), mandatory vaccines (Should get the shooting started), Staged Civil fighting between the two sides, call in the UN Foreign troops (Should get the shooting started)… on and on…

    Sounds good to me!!!! too bad Me and Galen are here in the middle of the pacific, I guess we’ll have to wait for the handing over of these islands to the Chicoms and Russos, then we will be on the front line, (in the words of slim pickins, Yaaaahhooooooo!)

    1. Yeah, I hear ya Norm, something tells me we are going to see a pressure cooker explosion event. We have so many people from other countries living here that it chokes out American voices, its a world community upon itself, thats the problem.

      Like a auto mechanics favorite phrase

      ” Here is your problem lady!” 🙂

  5. Hey Norm, we’re all meetin’ it right where we are. The damn thing is global and most of the people of the world have had it. What an opportunity for freedom to ring. Very glad you’re in my neighborhood. Articles be restored!! And see you soon.



  6. I think they’re going to push the Red Flag Laws extremely hard. Many enemies: IRS FBI CIA Google Fakebook. Orangeman versus Dementia man (soon to be Kabala Harris man)

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