Socialism, Communism, Isolationism – A Reality Check

The international corporate mafia continues to steal hand over fist as its propaganda machine continues to put forth lies designed to justify the continuation of the theft.  Yesterday I predicted that the unemployment rate would fall to 8.9% based on false numbers in reference to long term unemployed being removed from the percentage.  Well my prediction was completely wrong as I missed the number by an astounding one tenth of one percent.

The propagandists say 80,000 jobs were created in October.  They also say that 125,000 jobs per month are needed just to keep up with the population growth.  In explaining how the percentage dropped in spite of this fact, the propagandists said that more long term unemployed stopped looking for work.  This is a pure unmitigated lie.  To say that someone stops looking for work because their unemployment runs out is the definition of unreality.

These two bit phonies in the propaganda machine have evidently reached the point that they just do not care whether they are believed or not.

Imagine it has been raining for two weeks.  You are watching the water rise out your front window, first over the river bank and then more and more into the streets.  You turn on the television and a mainstream propagandist is telling you that yes, it is still raining, but in spite of logic and physics the water is actually receding.

This is what we are witnessing today.  We have seen and are seeing a net loss of jobs in our country and a staggering reduction in our standard of living from the poor to the upper middle class.  We are watching our dollar devalue by amounts that would scare the hell out of any sane person.  We are watching our natural resources being shipped out of our country and our jobs following behind.

In November of 2010 there were 41.8 million people receiving food stamps.  One year later, today, there are 46 million people receiving food stamps.  That is one in every seven of us and the neo-cons want to cut food stamps.

We see the reality of the hypothetical flood waters every day when standing in line at the grocery store and when paying our utility bills.  How this has occurred is no secret.

The US corporations, the 1%, who gained their fortunes through the good graces of we the people of the United States and our natural resources, decided one day that gluttonous profits were not enough.  Wealth was not enough.  They had indeed come to crave power.  This is when the 1% decided to dissolve our national sovereignty and move us into a world economy.

The overwhelming majority of we the people rejected the move, so the 1% used the wealth they had taken from the rest of us to buy away our representation.  Then came NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT, which has allowed the 1% to actually be paid for moving our industry and jobs out of the US and into the third world where they now procure slave labor.

This is international socialism with a twist.  You take the US, the wealthiest country on the planet, a first world republic, divide it into China, a third world communist dictatorship, and the US is reduced to second world socialism.  There is no way you can divide a rich country into a poor one and expect any other result than for the rich country to become poorer as the poor country becomes richer.

The lying propagandists spent thirty years demonizing isolationism.  And what did they use as the center piece for their contention?  China, which isolated itself in the third world under a communistic system that did not allow for innovative creative free thought, and not being rich in resources, of course it failed.  What has brought China up since it ended its isolation?  Our innovative technologies and our raw resources.

If we threw all the foreigners out of our country, put up a fifty foot wall on every inch of our border, and isolated ourselves with our resources and freedom of thought, we would excel beyond imagination.  And those countries we selectively chose to have commerce with would feel privilege and be grateful for our association with them.

This is the truth.  As previously mentioned the elite want something entirely different, and that is one world communism for the 99% and one world elitism for the 1%.  This is where the battle line lies today.  However the road to salvation is laid out in our Constitution which will lead us back to our free Republic with President Ron Paul doing our will.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Henry, I think this is one of your best articles. Clear and to the point on every issue we face today. Many of the people around me are becoming more desparate and disillusioned with what the TV is telling them, for many that is their only news source. When the masses begin to see the lies clearly they will rise up.

  2. Wow Henry, just….wow! This is definitely one of your best articles yet! You have laid out the truth clearly so that anyone and everyone can easily see, understand, and comprehend it. I really hope more and more Americans will open their eyes and see the light because the time to make the necessary changes in this country is NOW!

  3. I think the people should push congress to have a canal / river built behind the south west U.S border fence. It should be at least 5 five miles wide and 2-3 miles deep from coast to coast. The digging should start from the Arizona, New Mexico border and end in to directions heading east & west leading to the Pacific Ocean & Gulf of Mexico. This idea would create many jobs and our military would be able to patrol our borders having access to eastern, western & southern ports. We could also open more ports in Arizona & New Mexico to increase exporting and charge foreign freight ships or cruise ships a toll charge to pass through. It’s all about securing our borders and boosting the economy.

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