Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office: Gabrielle Rose Lemos Arrest Video – Deputy Holton Scene

This video is hard to watch but needs to be.

Story of arrest told here:

Published on Apr 7, 2016 by Sonoma Sheriff

Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office: Gabrielle Rose Lemos Video

1:29 – Male says “She’s drunk”
2:00 – Deputy Holton goes to contact female passenger when confronted by the family
2:30 – Deputy Holton goes to talk to female passenger to investigate. Opens car door.
2:40 – Gabrielle Lemos pushed up against Deputy Holton and attempts to place herself in-between female passenger and Deputy Holton. Deputy Holton tried to grab Lemos arm and tells her to turn around.
4:27 – Back-up arrives.
5:20 – Deputy Holton talks to mother, Michelle Lemos, and states he’s investigating possible domestic violence incident
8:36 – Michelle Lemos talks to Gabrielle.
8:38 – Gabrielle starts to walk towards house. Deputy Holton tells her stop. Lemos begins to run. Deputy Holton chases her and tackles her to ground.

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