Soros Says Civilization May Not Survive Russia’s Invasion

May 24, 2022Billionaire George Soros says Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has “shaken Europe to its core” and could lead to the next world war. “Other issues that concern all of humanity, fighting pandemics and climate change, avoiding nuclear war, maintaining global institutions, have had to take a back seat to that struggle,” Soros says in a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. “That’s why I say our civilization may not survive.”

10 thoughts on “Soros Says Civilization May Not Survive Russia’s Invasion

  1. So which will it be, Georgie? You and your guys don’t get to decide. WE DO!!! Our lives are our own and we’ll do just fine without you billionaires.


  2. This cuck reminds me of biden, slurring his words, not able to make a cohesive statement, has to read everything. “That’s why I say, our civilization may not survive. ” I wonder if he means the elites way of life may not survive?

    1. This son of a bitch has committed crimes against the people of the united states and our law beyond comprehension.
      If you have to shoot your way in, shoot your way in. Take this rotting hunk of pig shit, put a rope around his neck and hang the mother f-ker.

  3. KISSINGER Still blabbering BS and tellin the world we are in deep World WAR 3 Isnt what this Mthr Fr wants?? BEFORE HE GOES TO HELL!! I WISH TO SEND HIM THERE!!! ALONG WITH A PILE OF OTHERS!!!!

  4. I’m still wondering why no one has taken the time to shoot up the place in the Davos arena with all of those high level targets but they have no problems shooting up a school or college campus. People need to re-wire these shooters and point them in the right direction or something and tell them to take these elitist bastards out!

    1. TRUTH!!!!!! I mean, C’mon!!!!! You all HAVE to see what’s being done here!!! The biggest threat and terror in this country: THEM! The puppet masters pulling the strings. I mean really, why don’t shooters who want to take out random, masses go do this in public areas??? They really are targeting our children. They want parents to insist on more “security”, more rigid controls. All by design.

    2. This man makes the Crypt keeper look youthful!!

      That would be a wonderful thing!
      Unfortunately, it’s the elitist bastards who wire them and point them in the direction which will best serve their sick agenda, FFs and all.

    3. Lol ! I Concur!! Its not funny its fcking almost unreal the sickness these parasites are spreading! DEATH TO THEM ALL!!!!

  5. “Rods from God”. The perfect weapon to eliminate these people. “It must have been a deep space meteorite.” Says Reuters. Or several very low yield directed neutron nuclear weapons. Switzerland will suffer collateral deaths. You know what? F**k neutral Switzerland who now want to be in NATO. The Swiss have hidden behind “neutrality” while funding all of the wars around them. While guarding the Vatican wealth wearing ridiculous uniforms.

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