South Carolina House passes bill making ‘Obamacare’ implementation a crime

** FILE ** South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley addresses the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., on Aug. 28, 2012. (Associated Press)Washington Times – by Jessica Chasmar

The South Carolina state House passed a bill Wednesday that declares President Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to be “null and void,” and criminalizes its implementation.

The state’s Freedom of Health Care Protection Act intends to “prohibit certain individuals from enforcing or attempting to enforce such unconstitutional laws; and to establish criminal penalties and civil liability for violating this article.”  

The measure permits the state Attorney General, with reasonable cause, “to restrain by temporary restraining order, temporary injunction, or permanent injunction” any person who is believed to be causing harm to any person or business with the implementation of Obamacare.

Earlier this year in her state of the state address, Gov. Nikki Haley said that South Carolina does not want and cannot afford the president’s plan, “not now, not ever.”

“To that end, we will not pursue the type of government-run health exchanges being forced on us by Washington,” she said. “Despite the rose-colored rhetoric coming out of D.C., these exchanges are nothing more than a way to make the state do the federal government’s bidding in spending massive amounts of taxpayer dollars on insurance subsidies that we can’t afford.”

The nullification bill moved on to the state Senate Thursday and referred to the Committee on Finance. As of Oct. 2, the bill is still residing in the Senate.

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8 thoughts on “South Carolina House passes bill making ‘Obamacare’ implementation a crime

  1. My kinfolk left the great state of south carolina and moved to florida, let me say this, that is the ballsiest state ever, they left the union twice, second time other states followed, I hope other states do the same and follow their lead, the federal government only has the power to do what the staes say it can and now South Carolina says it can’t do this, get the popcorn I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

  2. Isn’t this the same South Carolina governor that endorsed Romney and practically wanted to have an affair with him during his presidential run last year? I still say she’s a sleaze and a traitor, no matter what she says.

    1. Our Governor is just the average treasonous politician….same as any state.
      However we citizens of S.C. have had a lions share of colorful and scandalous politicians throughout our states history…..Niki Haley is no better or worse than the others.
      We take the good with the bad…no other choice at this time.
      And yes the State of South Carolina is ballsy and rebellious , and many states seem to always point out our corrupt officials and backwards laws. The folks doing the most bitchin and finger pointing are some of the most corrupted states in the union. Like water on a ducks back we let it go ’cause when you are ragging us you are leaving others alone!
      So in the mean time we ride our scoooters with no Helmets,…drive our cars with some of the cheapest gas in the nation… no vehicular inspection or emissions test ,…ride good roads with lower tax rates than 42 other states and eat some of the finest cuisine anywhere while having cheap smokes, dayum great gun laws, beautiful beaches and weather and a sense of pride in our ability to send DC the bird when it comes to issues of govt. intrusion in our lifes.
      Bad Governor? sheit-fire we hardly noticed

      PS yeah its not all roses for sure….we have a problem with transplanted Yankees ever since 1865……sh*t happens 🙂

      1. Wow! Really? No inspection or wearing bicycle helmets? I didn’t know any state had such freedom anymore. I really didn’t know that. That’s good to hear. If I wasn’t in Texas, maybe I’d move there. lol

        However, be careful as Lindsey Graham cracker warned us that South Carolina might get nuked if we didn’t give the Zionists their way.

        I guess it’s a little more of a threat than North Koreans wanting to bomb Austin, TX. lol

        1. Yep NC…lol we fear Lindsay more than we do N. Korea! Feed old Kim jung some smoked ribs or marinated Deer steaks and watch him become a normal human…..Lindsay Graham?…….no such luck lol!

          I spent a cpl years working in Texas…’round the San Antone’ area…got kin folk there ..migrated way back round 1830’s-1840’s from Pops side of the bloodline.
          Anyways,..if SC didnt exist,..Texas would be my first choice.
          Most Texicans i’ve had the pleasure to know share the same “spirit” of freedom as we enjoy. While no place is Valhalla or perfect….a couple are mighty close to it!
          Long live the REPUBLIC

  3. I would like to send the SC Govenor an email praising her decision. Does anyone know the best way to contact her.

    Unfortunately, I live in the Marxist Socialist state of CT., but plan on moving as soon as I can.

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