9 thoughts on “SR 1368 – Arson Fires Destroy Major Sections of Gatlinburg, TN

  1. Talked to a friend of mine down in this area , its a cluster Fk

    very smoky , and its been a very dry summer there too in that area

    makes you wonder if some of those fires were set off by someones moonshine still out in the woods that had a problem , because the Feds push these people out into the woods to make their shine, when they should be left alone to make it on their own property where Im sure fire risks like this would be a lot less

    1. your reading it wrong….. no one is being “cavalier”
      thank GOD it poured on drought stricken north al. last night

  2. The overhead spraying of aluminum adds to the flammability of the forests. Powdered aluminum burns well when given a start.
    Chemical aerosol spraying from aircraft is going on everywhere now, and still, nobody notices…’til they house goes up like a bomb went off cause the trees are like safety-flares.

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