Strange Military Vehicles Spotted in Florida

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These were spotted in East Palatka, Florida on Thursday.

Don’t know what the apparatus on top is, there were about 15 of them with what appeared to be support vehicles.


12 thoughts on “Strange Military Vehicles Spotted in Florida

    1. Hi unnamed,

      Outstanding! Good link,.. you can see the vehciles and rear mounted turrets are identical to the ones in the picture above.

      Thanks – JD

  1. My Fellow Americans:

    This does appear to be a classic Avenger System, which is actually a turret mounted Stinger Missle System.

    My MOS in the USMC, was Aircraft & Missile Systems,… Stinger Missles in particular.

    The Avenger System is really a turret mounted Stinger Missle System which came into USMC inventory after the Gulf War (about 95/96 or so…).

    I was out in ’93, so I never actually worked with one of these,.. but I had several friends that I had stayed in contact with, and would peridiocally visit them on base, and they would give a tour of the newest, latest and greatest, overpriced crap the US Gov’t was spending its money on.

    The Avenger System was one of these systems I got to see up close and personal,.. which these Hummers in the picture appear to be,… They were extrememly expensive, difficult to operate, and spent more time in Motor-T repair yard,… then in the field.

    Eventually,.. the USMC completely dumped this line of High-End, Overpriced, Near Worthless Equipment,… and went back to basics,… which is simply the MANPAD System (… Carry it,… and fire it off your shoulder).

    This could be an Army unit using this (the Army LOVES to waste money on Weapons-Platforms that are really expensive to own and operate…) &/or,… this could just be a really old picture of an Avenger System that is already on the scrap pile.

    No way to know from just a simple picture,… but from the walking posture of the servicemen in the picture,… they appear to be Army Regulars

    Note: Believe it or not,.. you can usually tell the difference in services by just how they walk sometimes, because in boot camp,.. Marines are taught to walk with their heads high, shoulders back,and chest out,.. and laid back just a little so it looks almost like were sauntering. This tends to follow you for the rest of your life,… so even in a Veterans gathering of old timers,… you can sometimes pick out the former Marines,… just by the way the guy walk across the room.

    JD – US Marines – Still Walking Tall and Proud.


  2. It is just toys for the boys to use in the event that the citizens have had enough and stop being slaves. You can bet they are positioning assets all around the country for DHS to have when it does all fall apart! The militant cops have not been created to protect the citizens either and they prove it to the foolish sheep all the time and still so many don’t want to call a spade a spade!

  3. Umm…don’t those things have missiles load on time (anti-air defense)?


    And no one says anything? UNFRIGGINBELIEVABLE!!!!

    I’m sure they will say, “Oh yea, this is for our international training exercises” or something.

    BULLSHIT!!! Hang ’em all!!!

  4. I’m almost willing to bet those are the military Active Denial System’s attached to the tops there. The plate is covered but I’m almost positive that whats attached up top there. Link to tech attached.

  5. In this particualr case, there is nothing all that strange here. They are “unmounted” avenger-humvees and the location is right outside a Reserve Training Facility in the area of Palatka, FL (just an hour from my home). Not that “strange” to see military vehicles near a military base. Such images have been common in and around Palatka and Camp Blanding all of my life.

    There are certainly plenty to react to in regards to the militarization of law enforcement and the preparation for martial law. This is not one of those cases. Now whether they will be used in the future against American citizens is another story!

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