11 thoughts on “Sunday Rock Target

    1. Judeo Christians jack and rexella van impi. Liars and targets for a bucket of iron ore rocks and decent aim.

  1. I’ve never seen a better photo opp for two people to be hung by a hemp rope.
    Although I would like to see that woman get it on with Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton.
    Yeah….. there ya go.
    Then I could make a bet at the sportsbook in Vegas on who becomes the Man in the threesome.

    My odds are on Killary.
    I’m gonna make a fortune on this bet.
    Now if I can get the Jews in Vegas to sponsor my bets and odds.
    Yeah…. you fkng crooks in 7 hills.
    Google that…. 7 hills las Vegas.
    Plus their kike ass friends in Henderson NV.
    Like Harry @ss Reid.
    Things are looking up for me now.
    Gotta go…
    I think I’m getting zapped again .
    4 talking sht.

  2. Here’s more for you Koyote: Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Kenneth Hagin, Joel Osteen, Chuck Missler, Paula White, Joyce Meyers, Sid Roth, Jonathan Cahn (these two are “messianic Jews” if you can believe that who “channel God”–which god they’ll never tell you)…Jim and Tammy Bakker, Tim Crouch, the folks at RaptureReady,com, etc. etc. etc….and then you have the Social Gospel false prophets….

    1. I bet you’re just fine my friend.the bill of rights is our law,and being ignored by these assholes.

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