Support our Troops Bring them Home

Today is Memorial Day, the day we remember our fallen heroes.  What exactly constitutes a fallen hero?  That would probably be those who gave their lives to defend our country and our people.  I guess we’ll have to go back to the Civil War.

So what about World War I, the foreign money war to begin all foreign money wars?  And oh how they treated our veterans when they came home to find out what had been done to their Constitution in their absence.  And when they marched on Washington DC they were threatened with annihilation at the hands of the very army they served.  They made the mistake of giving up their guns when they came home.

Yes, I know all about Pearl Harbor. (Proven false flag event)  I also know that Franklin Roosevelt, operating under the orders of the international elite, forced the hand of the Japanese by cutting off fuel that they had to have to fight China.  I guess those in power were secretly in love with China, even back then.

As for our participation in the European theater, no Hun set a single foot upon American soil and our service people who were killed there were for all intents and purposes in the service of the King of England as conscripts from their American colony.

Let’s look at Korea, three years of bloody fighting to end up with the same truce we had in 1953?  And I do believe General MacArthur was actually fired for trying to win that war.

Onward and upward to Viet Nam; 50,000 killed, and that one ended the day the last contract was filled.

Next came Granada.  We can’t really even call that a war.

Then Desert Dust One.  This is when it really became about military contracts and contractors.

Let’s not forget Kosovo.  Kind of behind the scenes, but it surely cost us a pretty penny.

Then we come to Afghanistan, supposedly to get that evil man Bin Laden, but most certainly to revitalize the opium trade.

Then we invaded Iraq on a lie and killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

America, America, God shed His grace on thee……  Sorry, I broke out into song.

And now of course, we have sent our Air Force to support Libyan rebel ground troops via the lie of humanitarian aid through a no fly zone.

There is no way this American can solute the travesty of lies that has caused the deaths of over a million of my fellow citizens.  But as they were my fellow citizens, and many were forced into the madness against their will, I will solute their bravery, as there are none braver than those who march and carry the flag of my country.

Thank you for your intent.

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