Supreme Court May Be Forced to Rule on Americans’ Right to Carry Concealed Weapons

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In the latest twist and turn to take place on the issue of gun control in the nation, the U.S. Supreme Court may decide to hear a case that could make it illegal to carry a concealed weapon.

This comes after a Federal Appeals Court in Illinois decided that a person’s right to carry a concealed weapon is not protected under the Second Amendment. Colorado, however, recently refused to reconsider a previous ruling that the state’s ban on concealed carrying is unconstitutional. Because of the contradiction, it’s predicted that the country’s highest court will be forced to rule on the constitutionality of it once and for all.

In the Illinois case, Peterson v. Martinez, the court said in its ruling, “In light of our nation’s extensive practice of restricting citizens’ freedom to carry firearms in a concealed manner, we hold that this activity does not fall within the scope of the Second Amendment’s protection.”

However, in Colorado’s Moore v. Madison, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals said, “The right to ‘bear’ as distinct from the right to ‘keep’ arms is unlikely to refer to the home. To speak of ‘bearing’ arms within one’s home would at all times have been an awkward usage. A right to bear arms thus implies a right to carry a loaded gun outside the home.”

While the court has ruled that the Second Amendment does protect the right to own guns, and that state and local guns should recognize that right, they haven’t yet ruled on carrying outside the home. An estimated eight million Americans have concealed weapons permits.

11 thoughts on “Supreme Court May Be Forced to Rule on Americans’ Right to Carry Concealed Weapons

  1. The SCOTUS has proven themselves to be banker’s puppets and enemies of the American people time and again. Whatever they decide from now on they can shove back up their collective asses.

  2. Yet, if the Supremes rule against the 2nd, they will also invalidate themselves…..’cause they were set up by the very Contracts of the Founders.

    BTW, according to the Declaration, the Founders, wrote, “We the People,” it is THE People that set everything in motion, including the 3 Branches of the Gov. Without us, or our support, THEY, the 3 Branches have NO power!

    SO! WE are the First…the 1st Branch of the Government, there are FOUR Branches, NOT only the Judicial, Legislative and Executive.

    Tptb never taught this in public schools, but it is what it is.

  3. It’s reasonable to argue that the 2nd Amendment was NOT specifically intended to mean concealed weapons carried for personal defense — it was intended to protect military grade weapons useful for preventing/resisting tyranny.

    The right to carry a concealed weapon for self-defense, would be a 9th Amendment right: “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

    Either way, the Constitution still protects your natural inalienable right to self-defense.

    liberty & justice,


  4. My Fellow Americans:

    The decision has already been made. This tribunal of traitors will merely engage in a little Dog’n Pony, then announce that the Majority-Decision is that the 2nd Amendment does NOT protect your right to carry.

    Another example of this perfidous filth called the US Fed Gov’t, prepostioning itself for the overt act of complete despotism.

    What should not be overlooked though, is the fact the gov’t has demonstrated a willingness, and has in fact disarmed a portion of the American population under guise of “public safety” as in Katrina (gee,.. where else have we seen this strategy used before??……)

    Here is what I believe a final analysis would indicate:

    People are waking up by vast numbers now,.. especially in relation to the notion of our unalienable right to own/possess/use firearms.

    The strategic battle is now being waged in halls of Congress, and at its state level counterparts, and in the halls of these self proclamined kings wearing black moo-moos called the Supreme Court.

    The agenda of the NWO REQUIRES full disarmamant.

    Therefore, it is when they try to actually TAKE peoples firearms away, that the confrontation starts.

    As with all gov’t operations,.. they will have the intial advantage, success,.. however, as word quickly spreads, and anger surfaces almost instantly, open conflict will appear very rapidly after the intial confiscations have occurred,… and then,… it will rapidly grow in intensity, as the communists in the Fed Gov’t will see this as their opportunity to make an example of the first fighters, by bringing overwhelming and brutal force to the situation, exterminating virtually all present.

    This will only backfire as peoples sense of Justice, that has permitted the communists to get as far as they have, gives way to recognition of Injustice.

    It is this critical transition that brings the Kraken Of Patriotism to life, and when the whole of the peoples will not back down anymore.

    This is when we will be fully invested in trying to take back our country from the traitors, thieves, International Banksters, and back from the Rothchilds.

    Let us pray to God now, for the strength we will need, then.

    JD – US Marines – The monster of Patriotism is slowly awakening……

  5. “The right to keep and bear arms” Even an idiot new to the planet could tell the U.S. Supreme Court that nowhere in that Constitutional Right does the founding fathers say “where, how, what, when, and why” an American citizen can keep and bear arms! Anti-gun, democidal maniacs want to erode any and all Constitutional Rights. It is time for the U.S. Supreme Court to tell them all, “Hands off the 2nd Amendment.”

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