7 thoughts on “Surround Yourself

  1. Good advice. The TV-brainwashed are a dangerous bunch because of their misguided perception of “patriotism”.

    There are still a lot of morons out there who think Obama is saving America and that the cops are protecting us. Only education can neutralize that threat, and no one’s going to educate them but YOU.

  2. great post Dan. I agree. My neighbor who is a vet with ptsd told me that the vet hospital told him that obama has put a lot of money into the veterans care. wonder if anyone can tell me if that’s true. I don’t believe it, but had to shut up at that point. he also told me that the psychologist asked him if he had a gun. he said no. then the dr. asked him if he did would he shoot anyone, and the neighbor said yes if his family was threatened. Interesting conversation.

    1. thamks Paul.
      Oh yea Paul, obama has put a lot of money into the veterans care – to use them as giuiea pigs as always 🙁

      1. yea he’s taking a lot of prescription drugs. have tried to get him to go naturopathic, but it goes right over his head.

        1. Yep Paul, just like a lot of my freinds. They will do the herbals but they will still swear by the damned dr.s prescriptions of narcotics, anti-psychotics and speeders.
          Good way to have bad drug interactions when combining herbal medicine with pharmaceutical meds.

  3. I’m surrounded by sheep… looks like when it all goes down I’ll be eating alot of leg of lamb…

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