Caught Live On C-Span: Congressman Picks His Ear Wax… And Eats It

YvFXe.Em.56SHTF Plan – by Mac Slavo

Congressman Joe Garcia may have a tough go convincing voters he’s the man for the job during this year’s re-election campaign.

A live video of the Democratic Party’s distinguished gentleman from Florida’s 26th Congressional District happened to catch the freshman Representative picking the wax out of his ear. After a few moments Garcia can be seen eating said wax for a snack.  

Can you say political suicide?

The video has been circulated around the internet, most notably by the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Dessert anyone?

Update: Rep. Joe Garcia (D-FL) has provided a short response to the video:

“My mom always told me to keep my fingers out of my mouth, and now I know why.”

7 thoughts on “Caught Live On C-Span: Congressman Picks His Ear Wax… And Eats It

  1. This one was caught on camera, but it’s only one small example of the type of misfits that serve in “congress”.

    Remember that they were chosen (by “the chosen”) to run for office because they’re weak, spineless individuals, usually perverts, and you should expect all kinds of character flaws that you’ll usually never see.

    This freak couldn’t even avoid acting like a chimpanzee until the cameras were pointed elsewhere.

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