#Syria: Intense Israeli Air, Ground Activity According To Lebanese Sources

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We were just made aware of this breaking story by a Beforeitsnews reader. This comes to us from Debka.com. According to Lebanese sources, there is intense Israeli air and ground activity along Israeli-Syria border. In the meantime we’ve learned that Russia has staffed a Mediterranean fleet while Turkey mulls payback for Israel over the Syrian bombings. An awe inspiring video about Syria is down below. Our reader shares.:   

You have missed the greatest and most impactful event that is about to occur in the world today and the tiny article below is yet but a tiny snippet of information that will be the very first clue of what is about to happen – Israel will launch a massive attack on Syria and Iran in the coming days/weeks.

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Lebanese sources: Intense Israeli air, ground activity

DEBKAfile May 12, 2013, 4:16 PM (GMT+02:00)

Various Lebanese sources report intense Israeli military activity Sunday along the Israeli-Syrian and Lebanese borders. Witnesses describe Israeli warplanes as making aerial passes over south Lebanon, ground forces moving along the Golan border with Syria and attack helicopters flying over Mts Hermon and Dov and the Shaaba Farms.

Syria is an amazing and beautiful country. I bet that there is a lot about Syria that you do not know.


7 thoughts on “#Syria: Intense Israeli Air, Ground Activity According To Lebanese Sources

    1. DebkaFile is a notoriously unreliable disinfo agency.

      That said, they do occasionally report the truth – when it suits their purpose.

  1. I sent out a video like the one above about Libya before they were invaded. Libya is far from perfect I know, but it was a beautiful country, free education, free health care, free land if you farmed it etc. Every American, even tho ignorant, is responsible for the carnage. With the internet and a simple search engine, there is NO reason to be ignorant. I cant believe people would blindly allow their country to invade another country without actually finding out about the country that is being invaded. The american way ” hmmm, we are bombing another country? ah well, lets watch sports, grab me a beer and the chips”

    1. I fail to see your point. Since when have the American people had ANYTHING to say, or ANY control over what the so-called ‘government’ of this country does ANYWHERE in the entire world?

      Perhaps we should ‘vote’ them out of office?

      Or write our Senators and Congresspersons?

      Got any (workable) solutions, Jennifer?

        1. That’s the ONLY workable solution they’re leaving us, all things considered.

          .308 is my first choice, though.

  2. Obama told Netanyahu and Peres two months ago that Iran was off the table, but he would assist with the ending of the al Assad govt by supplying the mercenaries with what they needed.

    Since then the situation for the mercenaries has deteriorated.

    The Israeli way of thinking is that therefore the informal agreement with Obama is now of no effect.

    This means Iran is back on the table, and the Israeli reasoning is that a full on engagement by the combined IDF/IAF with the weakened al Assad’s armed forces should force Iran to honour its mutual defence treaty obligations with Syria.

    May Obama feel honour bound to what he stipulated in March; that Iran was off the table, which will mean the IDF/IAF encountering large battle ready Iranian formations without US intervention on Israel’s behalf.

    An incentive for Obama not to come to Israel’s aid will be Putin’s firm resolve to intervene on al Assad’s side in such a way that stalemate will eventually force withdrawal by both Israel and America.

    Unfortunately a stalemate will be canvassed by Israel as an opportunity to set off a nuke large enough to be blamed on Iran.

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