Talking About Certain Guns Online to be Punished with FIVE Years in Prison!

Gun Owners of America – by Michael Hammond

If Democrat Senators Dick Durbin (IL) and Chuck Schumer (NY) get their way, gun owners could go to jail — for a MINIMUM of five years — simply for posting a file that will allow honest citizens to print their own 3D-guns.

These Senators are trying to sucker Republicans into supporting this gun control by helping them pass prison reform legislation.

But for gun owners across America, this should be a non-starter! 

The battle begins with the House-passed prison reform bill (H.R. 5682). In and of itself, the House-passed bill is not anti-gun.

But the Senate, with some help from the White House, is insisting that the House bill be coupled with the Senate’s sentencing reform bill (S. 1917), which is seriously anti-gun.

The specific problem is section 107 of the Grassley-Durbin-Schumer bill which imposes a 5-year MANDATORY MINIMUM PRISON SENTENCE for violation of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

This is a battle that GOA has fought against (and won) in the past.

But now the anti-gunners are making another pass at this.

The ITAR revisions would outlaw gunsmithing with respect to a wide variety of guns.

Eight states have now successfully sued to criminalize over 100,000 downloads of instructions for making a gun from a 3D-printer.

In addition, communicating “how-to” information on the Internet with respect to guns on the Munitions List would also earn you a MINIMUM 5 years in prison under the Grassley-Durbin-Schumer bill.

The problem is that these ITAR regulations deem that any item of information posted on any medium is communicated to every person with access to that medium.

Therefore, any “how-to” gun-related information on the Internet is deemed to have been communicated to everyone on the Internet (including terrorists).

5 thoughts on “Talking About Certain Guns Online to be Punished with FIVE Years in Prison!


  2. If there are any “pro-gun” politicians, why don’t they introduce a bill that prohibits the passage of ANY new gun restrictions? Why doesn’t GOA lobby for such a law?

    In light of the second article, you wouldn’t think it were necessary, but it seems like a sensible action to take if anyone in D.C. wanted you to remain armed.

  3. “The battle begins with the House-passed prison reform bill (H.R. 5682).”

    You’re talking about the ‘paper cut battle’, right?

    Sorry, but the REAL battle begins when they try to ENFORCE those PAPER INFRINGEMENTS.

    Paper cuts will be the LEAST of their worries then.

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