Tenants fume over apartment complex’s new Facebook addendum

KSL – by Mike Anderson

SALT LAKE CITY — Some tenants at a Salt Lake City apartment complex are fuming over a new lease agreement that requires tenants to “like” the complex on Facebook.

Tenants of the City Park Apartments told KSL that a “Facebook addendum” showed up taped to their doors Thursday night.

The contract requires tenants to friend the City Park Apartments on Facebook within five days, or be found in breach of the rental agreement, though some of the tenants already signed a lease agreement months ago.  

The document also includes a release allowing the apartment to post pictures of tenants and their visitors on the page.

“I don’t want to be forced to be someone’s friend and be threatened to break my lease because of that,” tenant Jason Ring said. “It’s outrageous as far as I’m concerned.”

Ring said it’s the last straw; he’s moving out after the final month of his lease.

“It’s a violation of my privacy,” Ring added.

KSL’s calls to the attorneys for City Park Apartments were not returned Friday.

Zachary Myers, an attorney who specializes in tenant rights for Hepworth, Murray & Associates in Bountiful, said the contract addendum may not be fair to those who don’t have or are unable to create Facebook accounts.

“The biggest issue that I have with it is that it seems to be discriminatory against elderly individuals and disabled individuals who are unable to utilize an online presence such as Facebook,” he said.

Myers said that if a lease is already signed, a tenant may not be required by law to sign a late add-on.

He added that if something like an add-on appears and a tenant is not comfortable with it, the tenant should not sign it because once signed, the tenant is bound to the contract unless a court says otherwise.


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  2. “Myers said that if a lease is already signed, a tenant may not be required by law to sign a late add-on.

    He added that if something like an add-on appears and a tenant is not comfortable with it, the tenant should not sign it because once signed, the tenant is bound to the contract unless a court says otherwise.”

    Just as the tenant is bound to the “original” lease agreement so is the owner, leasing agent or property management company. A renegotiation of the lease can be done only if both parties are in agreement. Only on a renewal can the new lease be brought into play with its amended requirement for “like” via facecrook. and that can even be considered a discriminating factor since there are lots of people who do not use facecrook.

    Landlords get a bad wrap due to slumlords and how they treat the people and property they manage. In nyc there are loads of buildings owned by the orthodox jews that are in what was once called the hood but now are gentrified by hipsters raising the cost of living in once affordable neighborhoods. More often than not those buildings are run by slumlords pinching every penny and not providing the most basic of services like heat or hot water in order to help force the current rent controlled, stabilized or lower than market value paying tenants to either leave or suffer.

    The main problem both in nyc and sf cali are the socialist laws that treat tenants like gold but landlords like the scum of the earth for trying to make a living. How would it be for you if for over a year rent was not being paid on an apartment you were trying to use in support of the building due to litigation on the violations of a tenant? Sounds fair right I mean all landlords are scum and do not deserve payment for providing a service…

    Here is an article on some of the current state of affairs in the 5 boroughs.

    Then scan through both of these and see what looks fair and was does not.
    Caution it is a gov website.

    All this talk of affordable housing is prompting developers to move from residential home building into commercial building due to the loss of revenue as they are being forced to accommodate 10-20% in affordable housing on new construction. Expecting high end finishes in that 10-20% not going to happen in fact the other units with those high end finishes will become harder to sell due to the 10-20% who are often section 8 recipients or at the government trough to put a roof over their heads. If you enjoy problems destroyed property or fire then by all means get into providing section 8 since you get that check every month from the government. I have been in section 8 rental unit basements were 4 rottweilers lived for 3 years and never once cleaned up of the dogs TIHS. Ahh but isn’t the government grand for providing the funds too individuals who live like this?


    1. Actually you should care for what the laws are in other jurisdictions due to things like agenda 21 and what it entails regarding housing. The fact is that is something everyone including Alabama should worry about since it will make the back woods uninhabitable by humans and only the major cities locations for people to live. They are setting up the blueprint for stack them and pack them “cities”, the woods will no longer be a habitat for humans.
      Honestly it would be great if a landlord didn’t have to rent to people who are not decent and do the right thing. The problem is that the law is unjust but directed at landlords in an attempt to root them out loosing their property to the gov. Who does this benefit most the people and private sector or will gov control of where you live and how much you have to pay for a lease? See above agenda 21 again.

      I would disagree in your assumption that a landlord is not an authority figure since it is his or her property you may be leasing in which you reside. The key phrase here is property and who is belongs to so long as those rental fees are paid to the gov via property tax.
      The landlord is actually preventing gov from kicking you out of the home by insuring the taxes on that property are paid. Sure the lease could give you some protection since it is a contract but rest assured the gov would only let you stay for the duration of the lease and then its the bricks.
      When you rent a car are you liable for what happens to it while in your possession or you can pull the jackass movie thing and bring it back spray painted, windows shattered and tires flat with no legal ramifications? Its the same for any type of rental, housing, tools, cars whatever there is a contract and you are bound by it other wise never rent a bearing puller to work on your car or go live in a tent with no running water or heat as that should pan out well in the long run since it is hurricane season soon and iirc Alabama is not immune to those types of storms. The name katrina rings a huge bell.

      I think you are getting caught up with the problem of old english and the word landlord with someone having authority over you and the apt or home you “rent/lease”. Are the words property owner a better way to describe who it is that you are leasing from and more pc for you?
      If this is such an issue just buy a home for yourself and then you will be the authority figure or landlord and still have to pay someone else rent that being the gov who will not take kindly to the actions of not paying your property taxes. Good luck with that one because you already know they just come in shooting where landlords don’t because they have been forced by law to keep scum for tenants by gov and not allowed any longer to send in a couple of guys with lead pipes to solve problems with tenants.

      1. Actually, Mark, those you are referring to as holier than thou landlords, find themselves not popular at all in the eyes of a lot of people because they have wantonly jumped in bed with the federal government and had millions of properties purchased for them through Section 8 contracts, hence they gained property through the names of those you want to call scum.
        The scum are the landlords, okay? They are scum because they will come into a state and buy up all the rental properties and set up networks that aid one another in stealing rental deposits and in violating people’s rights under their personal corporate policies. It is an industry, and a sleazy industry at that. At least that is the way I see it.

        1. Henry,
          I am not talking about the giant corporate monsters that call themselves real estate companies or landlords like this one.

          I know exactly the kind of companies or corporations that prey on the general public(lived in a few in socal) via their swanky pool, gym and on site spa. After you move in you start to see notices on the door for any little bit of bs they can come up with that is in violation of the corporate reign. Every little thing they can charge for they will. Some had the notion of being able to give your car a ticket or tow it if parked in the wrong location even if you were a resident. So yes I know what you speak of exactly since I have personally experienced it.

          These types of housing are close to what the stack and pack agenda 21 is moving towards and you can see it in places like san diego, houston, atlanta and other large cities sometimes owned by the same corporations in each city.

          The landlords I was referencing are individual persons or families who own a few properties in places like nyc making them landlords. They are not charging for every little thing like most of those giant real estate conglomerates they are just trying to get by and work the property for their children’s benefit. So are those people scum for trying to make a better life for their children? Or because they are landlords they are automatically categorized as scum?

          These are the individuals who are hit the hardest when taxes go up water and sewer go up along with the inability to raise rents due to socialist policies that prevent or totally abolish an increase even when the market rate is far from covered by the current rent. That is only including rent controlled or stabilized renters not free market apartments.
          Now not all section 8 tenants are bad some are very good decent people and can even get a break on the rent because they have taken on some responsibility associated with the property. Kind of like a building superintendent. Sadly the majority I have come across are seriously out of control in almost everything they do. 3 years and 4 rotties in the basement and the smell inside the house is ok with you? WTF is that about for goodness sake there are children living in this filth. Now it’s their choice how they act and how they want to live in this world but this also subjects them to being labeled scum. Is there something in the heads of people who treat other peoples property as a throw away commodity because they are actually not paying for it and the gov is subsidizing their lifestyle? I would lean towards yes for a large majority of those using the program. They just move again and again and again because the gov is paying for it not them.

          1. I have seen your side of this argument also. The house I rent, I’ve lived in for 21 years, the fella that owns it is a minister and one of the finest humans I have ever known.
            The point I was trying to make is put the broad brush away. We are individuals and we do best when we treat with one another as individuals. Were this foreign government not in control and hell bent on destroying every one of us, I believe our differences would be few and easily resolved through our common law. We are in this mess because too many have embraced the communism for the ease of personal responsibility that is offered in exchange for our freedom. Liberty for safety and security, it is Satan’s bargain for the foolhardy.

  4. I have found that ignoring stupid sh^t like this is everyones best bet

    if questioned about it , than say “I didnt get the notice”

    second time ask , was it sent registered mail?

    3rd time just state clearly ,, this is against my constitutional rights and I refuse

    and than stand up to your words.. never comply .. period
    F-em .. the politicians and heads of state do this crap all the time , we should be learning their stonewall actions and emulating them, not caving into all these so called “demands”

    i say Make Me!

    1. That’s absolutely the best way to deal with this.

      Let it go to court, and you’ll find out if someone can be evicted for not “liking” their landlord on Facebook.

  5. Hey….whats wrong with being forced to like your landlord on facebook at gun point.
    It’s just like everything else.
    Next it will be corporate policy to like your boss on facebook or ….
    “You’re Fired”.!
    I could swear I’ve heard that phrase before.
    We’ll just put it in the employee corporate policy handbook.
    After we piss test you.
    Starting to feel like cattle yet…?
    Why don’t they just take a branding iron on newborns that say…
    USDA approved.

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