3 thoughts on “Texas cops raid farm commune when mistaking tomato plants for marijuana

  1. Anyone who isn’t blind, including life-long city dwellers like myself, can easily see the difference between a tomato plant and a marijuana plant.

    And the cops can most certainly see this too. They used that as an excuse to raid this farm, but the fact of the matter is that the tomato plant is a bigger threat to their plans than the marijuana plant.

    “if you want to control countries, control their oil. If you want to control people, control their food” — Henry Kissinger.

  2. “First the came for the cattle, but since I’m not Cliven Bundy, I couldn’t care less…Then they came for raw milk, but since I drink store bought milk I could care less…Then they came for tomato plants because they look like marijuana, but since I buy store bought toxic sprayed tomatoes, I could care less…then they came for yadda yadda yadda…and yadda yadda…and now that the American Holodomor is upon us I am too starving to do anything about it…”

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