13 thoughts on “The audacity of tyranny

  1. just like that Irish Scottish bitch who said .. Teeeest they gotta get the teeest.. if they don’t get the teeeest they’ll be quarantined for 2wks then if they still don’t take the teeest they’ll get a month.. that’s quite an incentive to get the teeeest.. I’m sorry Misty Katie Laura Galen Mary et al.. but women are fukin killing us!! nudged by the filthy joo of course. it’s not mandatory BUT….. that means it’s mandatory.. forced. I really don’t know how long I can maintain my composure…

    1. ‘I’m sorry Misty Katie Laura Galen Mary et al.. but women are fukin killing us!’
      Mike, useful idiots come in all colors and genders. Either one is lawful or not. Eliminate the ones that are not

    2. That was Jacinda Ardern, prime minister of New Zealand – and there is evidence that she is actually a HE. Sick Stuff – yuck.

      1. yeah.. Jacinda .. I saw her on a Dave Cullen video and he’s Irish. that’s why I thought that.. yeah you’re right. thanks for the memory fresh! Mary… absolutely correct BUT .. the faces they MOSTLY stick in front of us ARE women. cause everybody knows you ain’t supposed to criticize or beat women. that’s why they do it.. you’re not wrong.. but neither am I.

    3. Me hates ’em too, Mike, especially for what they attempt to do to my husband, and all other males in my life. I say “attempt” for the true soul and strength of a REAL MAN cannot be limited, diminished, or dismissed. You cannot tarnish gold.


  2. I can’t wait. I wish they would sign this into so called law today. Like Henry says, “Get on it!” MF’s.

  3. I just heard a man from the UK speak. He is facing job loss due to refusing the vax. Wanna hear the crazy sh*te the guy is putting up with?! He said, “They haven’t sacked me, but they won’t assign me a shift.” Man, they try every tactic. Keep an ear open for any you hear say: “I had to take the shot or I’d be fired.” That’s the next group to watch and reveal who’ll they’ll serve.


    1. And a recent disgusting CNN headline:

      “CDC gives limited freedoms to fully vaccinated”

      Can we have a roaring, national FK YOU?!!


  4. F!@K YOUR vaccine passport!
    F#$K YOUR FAKE PANDEMIC! (c-19 has less then 1% kill rate!)
    and F@#K YOU for the lock downs!
    time to end this TYRANNY!
    so…… can we get back to being human or do the peasants need to storm the castle?

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