The Biden Administration Is Looting American Tax Payers

By Wall Street Apes

Rep Derrick Van Orden questions Hon Missal, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs on why every single bonus paid out to VA leadership exceeds the ENTIRE ANNUAL SALARY of retired military service members who fought in combat

“What’s the average retirement salary of a e seven that has served their country in training in peace time in combat over 20 years?

I don’t know that information.

I do. The answer is $34,810. So an e seven that has served their country for over 20 years will receive a pension of $34,810.

If I look at tab 1 here, every single one of these bonuses exceeds that by at least $13,000.

And if I look at this tab here, this one and I go all the way down. Right, Every single one of these bonuses exceeds an e seven who served their country in combats retirement. The lowest one you got here is $38,584.

That E-7 retirement, male, female, doesn’t matter who they are, $34,810. Okay. Could you agree that something is wrong here? Our report found lots of things that were wrong. Okay.

So what I’m gonna do I just wanna make sure that this cleared up because I spoke to Secretary last night and today. I spoke to the secretary today and you’re not really the person I wanna talk to. I wanna talk to the secretary personally and publicly”

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