The Canada Convoy Mission Statement

This is a site defining what the Canada Truckers Convoy is. There is a video and “Unity Manifesto,” the heading of which reads: 

“A unified body of people that share common rights privileges, and interests, a united body of individuals that are one is spirit, sentiment, & purpose; a national sense of unity and support.”

I noticed there was no comma between rights and privileges. Is “rights” being used as an adjective here? Also, to fight tyranny, do you have to share “common interests” and “sentiment?” But oh that word, “MANIFESTO.” Why would they choose such a word?!!

There is short vid about the mission and the speaker seems to have a British accent. Is this because Canada is still under the boot of the queen? Can’t say this whole thing is organic/grass roots. So organized and polished. I wonder how others are perceiving this.

Anyway, here is the Manifesto and the link to site with the video:

5 thoughts on “The Canada Convoy Mission Statement

  1. Also on the page under Code of Conduct:

    “Violence begets violence. In the event of violence, threat of violence, disengage and inform an officer.”

    So, keep accepting the violence the state and its enforcers throw at you every day, but NEVER return any violence. Just keep taking it.

    “Violence begets violence?” Often violence begets JUSTICE.


    1. What I was thinking too. Disavowing violence and working with pigs?…good luck with their “success”. With that mindset, they’ll be happy with any freedumb they’re allowed and fall to their knees with gratitude to their massahs.

  2. My guess is the “convoy” is a psyop. Kegging the true patriots into a small area makes them sitting ducks. Makes perfect sense.

  3. if the people knew the crimes committed by the so-called government of Canada against the people in the last 150 years, they would hang all of them inclusing the police. The people of Canada and most other nations have been subjected to perpetual acts of treason, because the so-called government has allowed the private bankers to defraud everyone. Fact bankers have never made a lawful loan to anyone. A true loan is issued interest-free. Banks have never been in the lending of money. Bank’s role is to convert an asset into a means of exchange condition that the means of exchange is returned at a mutually agreed time in the future. Fact: all mortgages, credit cards, other loans, government loans issued at interest involve at least 19 criminal charged committed by the bankers. What would the people do if they realized this self-evident fact? Ask the bank the origin of money they suppodedly lent you. Of course they will never admit it. The money originates from your signature the alleged borrower. Yes by your signature create money the bank steals and pretends to lend it to you, nice deal eh? The so-called government has been a partener in crime with the bankers, with the complicity of the federal, provincial, local so-called governmenet officials, lawyers, the legal system, courts judges, accountants, police they are all involved.

    1. JUST DONT PAY!!! PERIOD!!! Watch mFing Banks Go down!!! It is our duty as Americans to help them decease!!!!

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