The Extra Chunky Defense

As an American National who loves his freedom, who basically cherishes it, I find myself having plenty of time to think of ways of making sure as Americans, we keep it.

As we plod through this condemic called Covid -19 it’s a given that while fighting for the abolishment of this garbage and the reinstatement of our Bill of Rights, it’s almost guaranteed some of us are going to end up facing a bullshit complaint in an illegal court of law in front an illegal corporate ass judge.

In my view, a good plan of action would be to pack your ass with extra crunchy Jiff peanut butter before entering court and responding personally in front of this phony ass judge.

While being asked to stand and respond to this criminal ass hat, it would be a good idea, in my view of course, to take this opportunity to reach inside your ass crack and pull out a extra big glob of said peanut butter with your hand, and proceed to eat it, licking your fingers clean .

In this way, you’re showing due respect to said traitor ass judge and at the same time letting this illegal court know where you stand in great scheme of things.

After completing this action, politely sit back down while letting said traitor ass judge who really is flying over the cuckoos’ nest and deserving of a stay at a more comfortable accommodation, somewhere near a puzzle factory for example, as I hear the food is much more desirable.

Give ’em hell kids…

2 thoughts on “The Extra Chunky Defense

  1. I have heard that one before and have always thought it is a very good method to make them think you are completely crazy, except now, I realize these are the same mthrfkrs who actually engage in that type of behaviors behinds closed doors, the judge would probably get excited at the sight of his perp eating his own crap…

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