The Goyim Step up to be Counted

Two more days to go until the big count of the ignorant and cowardly, who will step up and declare themselves as they add their affirmation to the fraud, designed with their destruction as its end result.  Other than the elite, I would like to know who these people are who will go out and vote on Tuesday.  Did they not see the prima facie evidence that this election is 110% fraud?  It was right in the mainstream.

I guess I just do not understand them.  Maybe one will read this article and enlighten me.  Answer the question, why are you participating when the only thing you are accomplishing is reestablishing what you know to be treason and a lie?  By definition, both Romney and Obama are guilty of treason against our Republic.

I’ve seen the young communists stepping up for Obama.  Tell me, do you think you have what it takes to force communism on people like me?  Are you ready to kill or be killed?  Because that is what it is going to take.

How about you evangelical Christians, do you think the rest of us are just going to stand by while you deliberately endorse Romney because you think it will bring Armageddon faster?  Your arrogance and vanity has become unbearable and you will pay with everything for your assistance in perpetuating this treachery.  You are weak and meek and you obey your taskmaster, be he in a uniform or standing on the pulpit.

We outnumber the traitors within ten thousand to one.  You take our kindness for weakness and this will be your undoing.  If all you are wanting is to get out of here and get to God, give one last service to your country and chug some arsenic laced kool-aid before you go out and vote to affirm this fraud.

Both of you groups better realize that we have run out of tolerance for you.  Both you soviet socialist communists and neo-con national socialist Christian conservatives have become a detriment to our freedom, liberty, and our right to just be left alone.  You are pathetic and you are going to get exactly what you deserve, either from those whose boots you lick, or from the rest of us when we rise up to put an end to the boot licking.

At the very least we will take your citizenship and deport you from our country.  I know you have every confidence that the insurgents you support can protect you.  This is because you have forgotten how to count.  But rest assured, we will be taking notice of you as you line up like the cattle you are and walk into the voting booth.  We will not forget, traitors.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

21 thoughts on “The Goyim Step up to be Counted

  1. And now you know that they are telling the fools that actualy do vote that they can now use their internet or else they they can fax their vote to vote. Yea, I know – I heard that on MSM news this morning. I guess that there are some that actualy think that their vote actualy means something. Goyim does as Goyim is I guess.

    1. Or stupid is as stupid does . Thanks Forrest . It will feel great NOT to vote in the sham election come Tuesday .

    2. Yes, that’s what they’re saying here, diggerdan. What gets me is how they say “Go to (such n such) website or log on to FaceBook for information and/or help. What part of NO POWER/INTERNET/CELL PHONE SERVICE do they Not Understand?! And, when you tell them that you Do NOT Have Service or the capability and you Can NOT Log on, they repeat “You can go to (such n such) website…” ARGH!!!

      1. Well, hello there Angel- NYC. Yes I know what you are saying. I refuse to participate in this fraudulent election. After all – I heard that it is the Romney family that makes those voteing machines, imagine that will ya. By the way there Angel – it is good to know your hanging in there with us all, eh. All the best to your hubby and you!!!

  2. The final lines of 1984 ‘He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother’.

    The ministry of love has spent several billion dollars on their election love fest so we MUST understand that it is our duty to vote for their chosen dear leader RomneyObama.

    Pure Hypocrisy is now Democracy, the Ministry of Truth always knows what is best. Soon everything will be all right and YOU also will learn to win the victory over yourself, you WILL love Big Brother.

    America has 45 million beggars on Big Brother government life support, in the Coming financial collapse the number will overnight quadruple.

    Big Brother knows that Beggars are easily satisfied.

    It will be as predicted in Animal Farm, those with the wealth and those destined to serve. Middle America will not exist in their new world order.

  3. I’m still waiting on them to pull an australia on us and make it so we have to vote or we get a fine to keep the lie going.

    All us young folks aren’t stupid enough to believe this lie(I’m 23 years old) and alot of people I know my age aren’t voting either(months ago a guy I know got so mad when I showed him how he bailed salliemae out and is on the hook for it along with us in the future that he stopped paying his loans months ago as he was trying to do it out of moral obligation). A fucking thing of beauty when you see the truth just effect a person.. First was the look of confusion… Then denial.. Then the anger came..

    Denial is a self defense mechanism for people to weak to accept that they’ve been lied too and the choices in front of them aren’t choices at all.
    If people were forced to swallow the truth in front of them then we would have various events like in Greece where people kill themselves off because their future is a sham and they have no control of it what so ever.

    One day like Greece people here will be forced to fall and once they do they will fall hard. In other words they deny it no matter what because to see the truth would destroy them.

    1. I never heard of that in Australia. But if they do that, then I am just disgusted to even think about that and I wouldn’t put it past the U.S. government to start doing the same thing in the future. They will make any excuse to keep their lie going. I can see the Headlines now, “People who don’t vote aren’t patriotic and are therefore terrorists. So VOTE to fight terrorism and help to keep our world free.” Notice how I said, “world” and not “country”. Gotta follow that NWO style.

  4. Millions will stay home and not vote. These maniacs will vote for them, you can bet on that. Many young people know this is all a circus act, and are refusing to participate in this garbage. Obama has generated almost a billion dollars to come this far, all from corporations and foreign entities abroad who have cheated the election laws.

    And here we are with the main attraction, God help us.

  5. THE most important single issue facing the U.S. is its post-1965 immigration disaster, both legal and illegal. The bipartisan Permanent Government is literally Electing A New People. Among other problems caused by this utterly selfish and irresponsible policy—immiseration of the working class, cultural dispossession, linguistic balkanization, increased crime, overpopulation, etc. —there is the amazing fact that within 30 years, the U.S. will be majority non-white. The U.S., as it has been known to history, will simply cease to exist within the lives of children now born (including my own).

    Overall, the Obama years have been disastrous for native-born workers. The deterioration in native-born employment in both absolute terms and, more dramatically, relative to foreign-born employment, is highlighted in the New American Worker Displacement Index (NVDAWDI):

    From January 2009 to October 2012:

    Foreign-born employment rose 1.635 million, or by 7.6%
    Native-born employment fell by 0.472 million, or by 0.4%

    Since Obama took office native-born job losses are nearly one-third the immigrant job gains. Put differently, during the Obama era one native-born worker has been displaced per every three foreign-born workers added to the U.S. workforce.

  6. I’ll vote for “Freedom & Truth”….looking over my State’s ballot, I don’t see neither. Guess I’ll be staying home & canning meat.

  7. “Maybe one will read this article and enlighten me.”

    You already know my short answer to that one, Henry.

    TOO much television.

  8. People who vote need to be put in a separate camp. I can see it know. The government will probably soon have a list of all the people in each district and put everyone who doesn’t vote on a terrorist watch list for the police in their areas, while giving party favors to the ones that did vote. They’re probably doing it already.

  9. It sounds like there is no hope here. Once I am convinced hope is lost, I am lost. I am going to vote…for Gary Johnson in the hope that he can get 5% of the vote so the two party system dies, and in the hope that we will still have the ability to vote in 2016. I do what I can to educate the Sheeple as to the true nature of our existence. I am trying to fight the good fight. I am not a young man, but I have children. I am doing everything I can to stay healthy to stay alive so I can fight for their future. I will be damned if I am going to let them be slaves. Don’t just sit back and be angry, f#@king do something. Keep hope alive.

    1. Anyone who casts a ballot in this fraudulent election is participating in a fraud. Said fraud being an act of constructive treason against the Republic. Even if you do cast a vote, do you think that corporation in Spain is going to count it? You say Gary Johnson needs 5%, is that kind of like Ron Paul needed 5 states to be nominated on the floor of the GOP Convention?
      Nothing is going to change until we the American nationals physically make the change. The ballot box has been taken away. The game is fixed. You cannot win. The greatest statement we can make is in letting them know that we understand that they have taken over and corrupted absolutely our election system and that we are preparing to move on to the next step.

      1. As far as whether or not my vote for Gary Johnson gets counted, that’s where the hope part comes in. Who is preparing and what is the next step? Please let me in on the plan as I am all in.

        I think a greater “statement” can be made if we can show that there are a great number of people who are dissatisfied with the two party paradigm regardless of whether or not they show us the real results.. Not voting just lumps you in with the apathetic party which is good for the “Elite”.

        1. Bullshit. Not showing up is JUST THE SAME as voting for Gary Johnson. Only in not showing up you didn’t participate in the fraud.
          And this is the last time I am going to say it.
          Your government paid agent ass if off this site.

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