16 thoughts on “The Illuminati Plan to Fake the Return of Jesus

      1. I have always thought that they would create revelations….this idea would be a way of making millions of people not want to defend themselves…people would figure what’s the point…the end is near. It’s something I would not put past these crazy freaks.

          1. I know this is off subject of the video, but I’m listening to the biological weapons of viruses and disease producers….it’s insane. Polio and sv-40 cancers that were injected into millions….this stuff is pissing me off. The people of the country better decide what the hell they are going to do about the current situation, or we are in for it in a bad way. It dawned on me that the people in this country don’t know what to do because we never had to defend our constitution before…..it’s as if we are in a wait until it’s too late….it’s madness.

  1. This technology of hearing voices in the ear was used in the Gulf war to get the Republican guard to surrender and they did. Research this if in doubt.

    1. Seriously? They used that technology in the Gulf War? Didn’t know that. I will have to research that one. Interesting….

      1. I did too, that is what I love to do. My husband used to say I was a walking enclyclopedia of useless information except when he needed something he had forgotten then I was useful again. 🙁

        1. LOL – we’d have made a great couple/team. When I first found out about the NWO (close to 6 yrs. ago now), I was spending 8 – 10 hrs. a day (at least, more on weekends) researching every facet of their treachery that I could discover. I came in late, so I had some SERIOUS catching up to do. It was the most intense education I’ve ever subjected myself to, and it was WELL worth the effort.

          It literally saved my life. It was through my investigation that I discovered that cancer IS curable (my best article, imo), and subsequently cured my own lung cancer, as well as a good friend of mine’s skin cancer. Apparently, it’s also working for Mark Schumacher.

          I really enjoy your posts/comments. Keep up the good fight, Susan. 🙂

  2. Ladies and Gentlemen, if you are saved. This has no control over you. When you are told Jesus is over there, do not believe it. Jesus is coming in a cloud of Glory with his Angles…All you have to do is ask the Holy Trinity what to do.. You will be guided.

  3. Mark only referred to Christians and Muslims while leaving out Judaism. No surprise since he’s one of those who use words such as Illuminati, Bilderberger, elites, and others that dodge the Jewish question. BTW they are still waiting for their messiah.

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